Important Physical Access Notices

Student Union Expansion & Renovation

The Student Union Expansion & Renovation project began on Monday, July 19, 2010.  The new Student Union planned for completion in May 2013, has been extended, and is pending due to unforeseen construction adjustments.  Facilities Development & Operations (FD&O) continues to ensure that all sidewalks around the facility are never blocked.  Construction trucks continue to enter campus from San Salvador and exit onto San Fernando.  AEC will keep you posted of travelling routes and accessible parking throughout construction.  Please exercise caution when traveling through this area.  For more information, please refer to FD&O: Planning, Design & Construction Projects, Student Union Expansion and Campus Life


SJSU Construction & Utility Upgrade Projects 


Fencing Plan for the Student Health and Counseling Project (February 2014)

The utility work will continue into March, the changes are in light blue and shows SPX East entrance open along with the south entrance of the Central Classroom Building open.   

Main Campus Site Map


Summer Construction (June 2014)

  • SPX- A construction fence will be installed on 6/9/2014 util 8/2015. This fence will eliminate access from the 10th street garage through the SPX breeze way. Access from the southwest corner of campus to the rest of campus will have to be gained on either 4th street or 7th street. 
  • The sidewalk between Spartan Memorial and Washington Square will be closed between 5/27/14-6/20/14.
  • The sidewalk between Faculty Office Building and Dwight Bentel Hall will be closed between 6/23/14-7/23/14. 
  • A construction fence will be around Dwight Bentel Hall from 6/9/14-8/18/14


Temporary Fencing at Art and Sweeny (July 2014)

There are plans to block off the pathway at northeast and northwest corner of Art courtyard in order remove trees with the safety of pedestrians in mind. The expected duration of this landscape project is from today (7/15/14) to August 15, 2014. There will be signs put up on our temporary fence that will say:

"Pathway closed. To get to other side, please walk around Student Union.  The expected duration of project from 7/15/14 to 8/15/14.


Shutdown Notices

Location:  SHC - Sidewalk along SPX from 7th to 6th Street

Schedule:  6/24/2013 till completion in 2015

Shutdown Description:  Sidewalk closed- sidewalk will remain open for emergency equiptment

Purpose:  Construction laydown