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Dr. Steven Millner is a native of Columbus, Ohio born to a family that traces its roots in that region to the 1840s when they were sometimes involved in the "Underground Railroad."  Moving to California in the early 1960s, Dr. Millner earned a degree at San José State University before attending the University of California, Berkeley and completing his Doctorate in Sociology.

His publications have been included in the multi-volume series on the history of the Civil Rights Movement, edited by the Pulitzer prize winning scholar David Garrow; the Western Journal of Black Studies; the Journal of American Studies published by the University of Paris at the Sorbonne; and in many other scholarly sources.  He is the Senior Editor of the recent book California's Changing Majority: Historic and Contemporary Dynamics, now in its third edition.

He was among the first African-Americans to teach full-time at the University of Mississippi in 1982 where that State's NAACP honored him for "Leadership and Courage."  He has served as the Department Chair of San José State University's African-American Studies for many years after returning to his alma mater in 1986.  He has been named Professor of the Year at San José State University by black graduating students on six occasions and has also received that honor at the University of Mississippi and the University of Santa Clara.  Dr. Millner is married to his better "half," Joyce Levine Millner and is a proud father of three children who have all become University graduates.