The Altamont Development Center


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The Altamont Development Center (ADC) is an opportunity for students to do internship at the Information Technology Department, SJSU. With the guidance from IT staff, intern students can contribute to campus-wide projects while acquiring the skills necessary for their career development.

Get Involved

Opportunties at ADC are available for all current SJSU students. Applications start at the beginning of each semester, including summer. Apply here!

Get Connected

See why students join ADC. You'll be able to discover what they have learned and how their experiences refined their skills. View student projects.

Get Inspired

Take a look at ADC's alumni and see how this opportunity has led them to their career path and how they followed their passion. Read their stories.

Get Career Path Planned

ADC creates internship opportunity to students at SJSU not just because it provides hands-on projects to develop intern students' hard skills, but also because it provides intern students of career coaching.  See their career coaching experiences.