Honor A Teacher Program

Beginning in 1998, The College of Education Board instituted an Honor A Teacher program, with the first honorees recognized at the dedication of the Schoolhouse at History San Jose. 

The old “cloak room” in the schoolhouse has been turned into a gallery of plaques which are inscribed with honored teachers’ names, and individual biographies are placed in a binder for all to read. This gallery is open to the public during special events at History San Jose. 

You may want to participate in recognizing the importance of educators. Reasons might include:

  • A retiring or retired teacher
  • A favorite teacher
  • A teacher who made a difference in your life
  • An outstanding teacher at your school
  • In memoriam to a beloved teacher

A donation of $100 is requested to place an honored teacher’s name in the gallery. The honored teacher or their sponsor will receive a copy of the biography suitable for framing and be invited to a reception at the schoolhouse in May. 

Each year, the deadline to submit name(s) for the Honor A Teacher program is the end of February. Contact: 
Marla Lenz 
2349 Loma Park Ct. 
San Jose CA 95124