Scholarship Awards Reception

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Campus dignitaries, scholarship donors, Alumni Association board members, former alumni scholars, and representatives of the Santa Cruz Area chapter, Santa Clara Valley Area chapter, and the San Jose Woman's Club recognize over 50 recipients of the Alumni Association scholarship program at the SJSU Scholarship Awards Reception. 

"Winning the Alumni Association Dean's Scholarship is really an awesome honor.  This award will help me financially, but having your recognition and support for my research in the fields of Spatial and Digital Media Art is invaluable. Thank you!" - Scotty Gorham, Alumni Association Dean's Scholarship, College of Humanities and the Arts

Fall 2016 Scholarship Awards Reception 

More than 50 students received $150,000 in scholarships at the SJSU Alumni Association Scholarship Awards Reception on Sept. 15 in the Student Union. Read more.


Spring 2015 Alumni Scholars Celebration  


Fall 2015 Scholarship Awards Reception