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Every time a proud Spartan joins the Alumni Association, they make a tremendous impact on the lives of current students. Members help fund our Scholarship Program, one of the largest scholarship programs offered by an alumni association in the CSU system! 

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scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 scholarship recipients! These students truly define the Spartan spirit. They are achievers, innovators, and dreamers. They are powering their classrooms, communities, and even the world.  

Agbert and Yogini Christie Memorial Scholarship
Aubrey Cannon
Jocelyn Mendez Tabares

Gerald M. Starek Family Alumni Association Scholarships
Ron Michael Villalobos

Jeffrey Scott Johnson Memorial Scholarships
Priscilla de Anda
Vivian Rivas 

Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarships
College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Essy Barroso-Ramirez 
Nicole Lai
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business
Heather Bates
Warren Williams
Connie L. Lurie College of Education
Luis Aguirre, Donna Rooney Memorial Scholarship
Chung Ho, Pat Porter Memorial Scholarship
Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering
Isaac Gendler, Hal Riddle Memorial Scholarship
Tristan Olivera
College of Humanities and the Arts
Gailan Gray
Cynthia Soto Lucero, Steve Silver Memorial Scholarship
College of Science
Heather Barrett
Alan Ghazarians
College of Social Sciences
Mariah Patterson
Alara Tiernan

Santa Cruz Area Chapter Scholarships
Romie Baker
Ruby Carranza Correa, Carol Coe Memorial Scholarship
Noelle Downing
Citlalli Ledesma-Pena
Mayra Ramirez
Chantal Sanchez
Ivan Velazquez

Barnum-Everett Scholarships
Thanh Bui
Marlon Hoang
Jamilah Hosan
Brianna Lundgren
Kassandra Morales
My Nguyen
Sarah Sauerzopf
Vuong Ta
Victor Velasquezla

San José Woman’s Club Scholarships
Claudia Cortez
Alysia Trillo
Farha Zia

Deltha-Critique Scholarship
Salvador Hernandez

Clyde Brewer Memorial Scholarship
Ahmed Darkazanli

Hoover-Langdon Scholarships
April Anacleto
Sierra Peace
Jimy Ry

Katherine Peterson Alumni Association Scholarship
Katie Emmel