Alumni Association Deans' Scholarships

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The 2015-2016 Alumni Association Deans' Scholarships recognize two students from each college for their academic excellence and service to their communities. Students are awarded a $5,000 annual scholarship. These awards are funded by the generous contributions of Alumni Association members and donors. 

Previous Scholarship Recipients

2014 - 2015

2013 - 2014 

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Previous Scholarship Recipients

2014 - 2015

2013 - 2014


College of Applied Sciences and Arts

karlyKarly Comfort

A graduate student in social work, Karly hopes to achieve her career goals of becoming a medical social worker and providing crisis counseling, resource coordination, and need-based assessments to Spanish-speaking families in a hospital setting. Before beginning her studies at SJSU, Karly attended UC Berkeley, where she earned her bachelor's degree in psychology. After graduation she ventured to Ecuador to volunteer at a local school to strengthen her Spanish fluency and prepare for her goals in speech therapy and education. Karly worked with a few non-profit organizations, such as AmeriCorps, to provide service to low-income, at-risk youth and families; her work as a service coordinator ignited her passion for social work. Currently, Karly interns at Gardner Family Care Corp, where she utilizes her language skills on a weekly basis to strengthen child caregiver relationships and improve behaviors, social skills and development.

"With this scholarship, I can focus more on my academic studies and clinical skills growth as a young professional rather than worrying about my personal finances as I complete my graduate degree. Thank you for choosing me as one of the grateful and fortunate recipients of this scholarship." 

Brian Halstead

Brian Halstead

Brian is majoring in nursing and hopes to become a bilingual geriatric nurse practitioner. Prior to transferring, Brian attended Cabrillo College, where he received associates degrees in both community health science and Spanish. Brian has volunteered at the non-profit community organic farm known as Veggielution, where he led working groups in plant propagation and organic agriculture. Today, Brian works at Santa Clara Valley Medical and gains experience in learning to assess the health literacy level patients need to be tailored to their proper needs.

"Thank you most graciously for providing me with essential economic support, thereby granting me the opportunity to continue my ascent of the academic ladder. I vow to reciprocate this support by using my education and life experience to help others." 

Donald and Sally Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Caroline Rashidi


After making the decision to move from Iran to the U.S., Caroline has been working hard to reach her goal of a higher education in business administration with a focus in finance. Despite the difficulties of working full-time to support her family and herself, Caroline has maintained a steady 4.0 GPA while volunteering monthly at the Second Harvest Food Bank and with the SJSU Banking and Investment Association. After establishing herself in the workforce with a position as a Finance Analyst, Carolyn hopes to return to San Jose State for graduate school.

"I am very grateful to receive the 2015-2016 Alumni Association Dean's Scholarship. I feel extremely fortunate to have my hard work, commitment, and academic achievements recognized. Balancing full-time work with school can be daunting and difficult. This financial assistance will allow me the opportunity to focus less on work and more on my education. This is especially important to me as I enter my final year of my bachelor's program as a member of the Sbona Honors Program which requires more time commitment on my studies. The support the Alumni Association provides to me and other students is immeasurable and invaluable, and I thank them tremendously." 

Man Chung


Upon completing her bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting at SJSU, Man aspires to continue her studies in the MSA program to become a certified public accountant and work for a major accounting firm. Man previously attended the University of Natural Sciences, Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam for a degree in computer science. She later came to the U.S. to attend Ohlone College and completed general education courses. Man has been involved in several business organizations that have furthered her knowledge in business and accounting, including the ISACA SJSU student group and the Financial Management Association.

"This scholarship is tremendously meaningful to me. It will assist me in paying for tuition and funding for my education. It also enables me to achieve my academic and professional goals. Financial burden has always been my deepest concern and receiving the scholarship has somewhat relieved the burden. I can be less worried about the chance that I may not be able to fulfill my commitment for education and accomplish my goals. In addition, it further motivates me to try even harder to deserve what I was awarded and not to betray the donors. I owe them my future success and I will never forget their financial support and investment in my success. I also feel the urge to try my best to contribute to our country's prosperity."

Connie L. Lurie College of Education 

Deborah Clima


Pat Porter Memorial Scholarship

With a bachelor's in public relations from SJSU, Deborah returned for a degree in education. Despite having worked in the field of public relations as a marketing service consultant, Deborah ventured out as a volunteer teacher's aide at several schools, where she assisted and organized school-wide projects and events for academic enrichment and community. Today she works as a substitute teacher, managing and providing classroom instruction for pre-school to fifth grade students with special needs. Deborah hopes her degree in education will give her opportunities to help children, regardless of academic abilities, learn and grow through a fun and challenging curriculum.

"It means a great deal to me to receive this scholarship because it represents both financial support and encouragement of my academic pursuits. As a full-time student teacher, I will not be able to work during the upcoming semester. With two children and only my husband's income, it makes finances extremely difficult. This scholarship will help reduce the financial burden of my schooling. As a returning San José State student, I am honored to be recognized by the Alumni Association. I have been dedicated to working hard and gaining as much knowledge as I can from my classes. This scholarship provides encouragement for me as I continue with my pursuit of a multiple subject credential. I am incredibly excited about becoming a full-time teacher in an elementary school classroom." 

Jon Hinthorne


Donna Rooney Memorial Scholarship

Education has been a long endeavor for Jon as he works toward his Spanish teaching credential from SJSU. Having previously received a bachelor's in Hispanic studies and history from Principia College and a master's in communication arts from Webster University, Jon hopes to become a dedicated and responsible leader in education for students. He is currently a middle school Spanish teacher at Charter School of Morgan Hill, where he is working to develop and implement engaging, standards-based learning curriculums for 7th and 8th grade students. His experience ranges from being senior program manager of School Partnerships with City Year San José to being a National Teaching Fellow at Citizen Schools Massachusetts. Jon is an active member of the California Language Teachers Association and the Foreign Language Association of Santa Clara County, where he reads literature and participates in online discussions on bettering education for all.

"This scholarship will make financing my teaching credential program easier. I have been working all throughout my undergraduate and post-graduate career—this is no easy balance to maintain. With this scholarship, I can focus more time on my classes and student teaching without worrying about how I will pay for it all. I am overwhelmingly honored for being chosen by the SJSU Alumni Association for this scholarship, and I will proudly speak about this honor with my friends, family, students, and fellow Spartans." 

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering 

Jeremiah Montemayer


As a double major in aerospace engineering and applied mathematics, Jeremiah hopes both his degrees will help him achieve his goals to utilize mathematical formulas and models to solve practical problems in the field of engineering. To further his experience and benefit his future goals, Jeremiah has attended several events at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also makes use of his great math skills as a workshop facilitator in the Department of Mathematics, where he provides assistance to over sixty students in geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus. Toward the end of his undergraduate degree pursuit, Jeremiah is confident he will find a position in aerospace engineering, where he can not only learn about the practical problems relating to aerodynamics, but become an applied mathematician.

"I am incredibly honored to have received this scholarship from the SJSU Alumni Association. The award has placed tremendous confidence in my abilities to accomplish my goals and dreams. As an out-of-state student, the extra fees on the tuition can cause some stressful feelings, but with this outstanding help, it has helped lift some of the weight off my shoulders. This achievement will be benefiting me toward my goal in acquiring a double major in aerospace engineering and applied and computational mathematics at San José State University, and for that, I am grateful." 

Linh Do

Hal Riddle Memorial Scholarship


Linh is majoring in chemical engineering and hopes to play a role in the optimization of the drug manufacturing process in America. Her various leadership roles in the community are giving her the experience she needs to not only master the topics, but also share her passion in chemistry. Linh's goal is to make medications more economical and affordable, and help alleviate the world's drug shortages. With high hopes and dreams, Linh is an active participant in the ChemE Car team and directs engineering documentations and collaborates to design methods of a chemically-powered vehicle.

"It is truly my honor to be one of the College of Engineering recipients for the Alumni Association Dean's Scholarship. This award is a financial gift allowing me to reach one step closer to my ultimate dream: engineering to help people fight cancers and other catastrophic diseases, as well as to prevent drug shortages. I am so grateful for this recognition and I would like to express my appreciation to the donors of the SJSU Alumni Scholarship Fund. I am really hoping that someday I will be successful and will be able to come back and support my other fellow students. I work by this, once you put your heart, your soul, your mind into something you love, nothing can stop you." 

College of Humanities and the Arts 

Cynthia Soto Lucero


Steve Silver Memorial Scholarship

After completing her undergraduate degree in Spanish, Cynthia aspires to become a Spanish teacher to make a difference in the Latino community. Having grown up in a low-income family in which she was the first to go to college, she believes her passion and dedication will help many students grow confident and knowledgeable individuals. To gain experience, she is currently a volunteer at Adelante Dual Language Academy, where she bridges the gap for many students who have trouble understanding the English language.

"As a student who comes from a low income family and who is the first one to be able to attend college, this scholarship will help me to get through difficult financial obstacles. My parents do not have enough money to pay for my education and my dad works every day from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. to provide the necessities we need at home. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to keep moving forward. With this extra help, my parents and I will not have to worry financially and I will not have to worry about working and getting paid a minimum wage job to pay for school. Instead, I will have more time to focus on my education and make the best of it." 

Maria Stone

maria stone

A graduate student in the French and physics program, Maria has worked toward her education with the goal of contributing to science in the local and global community. She hopes her knowledge will allow her to participate in space missions that look for life on other planets, apply her skills toward various media channels that will facilitate the communication of concepts in science, and lead and research study abroad programs. During her time at SJSU, Maria will be working alongside Dr. Ken Wharton on research in various scientific endeavors that she hopes will be published for the scientific community.

"I am very grateful for this scholarship. It will allow me to reduce the number of work hours and dedicate myself to my graduate projects as I work toward completing my master's degree at San José State University. One of the projects that I am really excited about is finishing my book that was inspired by my life while studying abroad in Paris 2013-2014 with CSU International Programs." 

College of Science 

Anastasia Pozdnyakova


In anticipation of applying for medical school next year, Anastasia is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology with a concentration in systems physiology and a minor in chemistry. Her career goal is to become an endocrinologist to make a measurable impact in the lives of people by improving their health and well-being. To prepare for the future, Anastasia participates in Stanford University's Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians, where she develops projects to improve a community's health. To gain more field experience, Anastasia currently works for both Kaiser Permanente and Good Samaritan Hospital shadowing physicians to gain a better understanding of what a medical setting is like.

"Receiving the College of Science Dean's Scholarship means a great deal to me. I am thrilled that my volunteer work is recognized and am happy to be able to pursue my dreams without worrying about finding a way to fund them." 

Kristin Walovich   kristin

A graduate student in marine sciences at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Kristin comes to SJSU with a bachelor’s degree in aquatic biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. With a passion for marine life, Kristin hopes to become a marine scientist and share her knowledge with the community. After receiving her masters, Kristin will pursue her doctorate degree to further her passion. Today, she works at the Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory distilling water samples for methylmercury analysis and acid cleaning for trace metal analysis.

“I am honored to be a recipient of the SJSU Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarship in Science. The financial support provided by this scholarship eases the monetary burden of my master’s degree and affords me the support and time necessary to complete my thesis. I am grateful for the recognition of my dedication and passion for science and will continue to work hard to achieve my goals as a marine scientist.” 

College of Social Sciences 

Yarely Moreno


After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in child development, Yarely returned to SJSU to pursue a master’s in clinical psychology. With goals of becoming a marriage and family therapist (MFT), Yarely is driven to help individuals in various communities who are going through difficult situations. In her second year in the master’s program, Yarely will be working toward a traineeship at a community agency where she will learn to provide therapeutic services and begin creating meaningful connections with clients.

“I am truly honored to be receiving the Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarship. This scholarship will not only help me pay for tuition, but it will also allow me the opportunity to buy extra books I will use in my future practice. In Spring 2016, I will be graduating with my master’s degree from San José State University and become a future marriage and family therapist (MFT). The extra books I will buy will be extremely helpful for my MFT traineeship and will also be beneficial for my future clients to use as self-help books. It was such incredible news when I was notified that I received the scholarship. Thank you for recognizing my achievement and supporting my future aspirations.”

Inderpal Kaur


First-generation college student Inderpal is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology with a minor in humanities. Through her research in psychology, Inderpal plans to finish up her bachelor’s degree next spring and move on to graduate school, where she will pursue a PhD in experimental psychology with an emphasis on sensation and perception. Through her constant passion and dedication, she hopes to become a professor at a prominent university. Inderpal is a member of  several honor societies including Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key International Honour Society, and Psi Chi, the International Honor Society of Psychology.

“It is a humbling honor receive the Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarship. This scholarship will greatly assist me in finishing my undergraduate career at San José State University while being able to focus more of my attention toward achieving my goal of going to graduate school.  I will be able to chase my passions with more ease, thanks to this scholarship. I have been very fortunate at SJSU to work with extraordinary professors who have helped me immensely and have assisted me in working towards my goals. I hope to inspire others as much as I have been inspired at this university. I am extremely grateful to the SJSU Alumni Association Board of Directors for this exciting privilege. Thank you for helping me to achieve my dreams and aspirations!”