2013 Santa Cruz Area Chapter Scholarship Recipients

Anna SramekAnna Sramek

"This financial aid will help me achieve my goal of graduating SJSU with a degree in Nutritional Sciences." 

Anna is seeking to obtain her degree in nutritional science and pursue graduate studies to conduct research. For three years she has volunteered weekly with her local animal shelter and worked to find homes for adoptable and lost dogs. For fun, Anna likes playing co-ed recreational soccer. She's also fluent in Czech. 

Kelly McGuckin

kelly mcguckin

"I feel greatly honored to receive this scholarship. This award is an amazing blessing that I was honestly not expecting to receive but has been one of the key factors in helping me attend San José State. I have been relying completely on scholarships and grants to attend school and the opportunity provided by this scholarship is one that I will not take lightly."

Kelly is an undergraduate nursing student who plans to become a pediatric nurse. Kelly was a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, National Society for Leadership and Success, and the Health Careers Academy where she volunteered 180 hours of community service at Dominican Hospital. She also coached swimming for three years. 

Nancy Zuniga

nancy zuniga

"When I received the letter in the mail that I was a recipient, I was ecstatic for receiving the scholarship and because someone believed in me! This scholarship is not only going to help financially, but it will give me a sense of belonging to a family at SJSU. The campus is so big that it gives me the opportunity to belong to a smaller community inside of campus."

Nancy is pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work. She chose the route of social work because she desires to work in a field that protects and nurtures children who are in need and often disregarded. Nancy is the proud mom of two amazing children, and, for the past three years, has served as president of her children’s pre-school.

Nicky Huang

nicky huang

"Thank you for your generosity - especially in these tough economic times, it will be so helpful in paying for my education." 

Nicky is pursuing a degree and career in accounting. She is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. In her spare time, she volunteers at her local library, high school's art office, and Jacob's Heart, an organization supporting kids with cancer. 


Noe Tapia

noe tapia

"This scholarship will help me push forward in my journey to accomplish my goals and have a successful future. It means a lot that I was chosen as one of the recipients of this scholarship out of all the other students who applied."

Noe looks forward to pursuing a degree in biology and continuing his studies to become a veterinarian. He's currently a member of his high school college club and an orientation leader. 



Sabine Arbelbide

sabine arbelbide

"The SJSU Alumni Association Scholarship will help me strive for my continuing bright future with the goal of becoming a social worker. It means the world to have the support and encouragement to chase after my goals - thank you SJSU alumni."

Sabine is majoring in social work with a minor in global leadership and innovation. She's an honor society member, and plans to study abroad in South Africa. Sabine has a great love for traveling and new cultures, and plans to join the Peace Corps after graduation. She hopes to become a social worker in her local community after completing her service abroad.