Gerald M. Starek Family Alumni Association Scholarships

About the Award

The generosity of alumnus Gerald M. Starek, ’63 Accounting and Finance, has paved the way for accounting and finance students to pursue their education at minimal cost. 

"I was the oldest of eight kids and the first to graduate from college. I could not have gone to SJSU if tuition was as high as it is now. With this gift, I can help students, who otherwise couldn’t afford college, receive a great education at SJSU like I did.” - Gerald M. Starek

Previous Recipients 

Hanh Do

Hanh DoHanh, fresh out of High School, and unsure of her major, discovered an introductory level class with Professor Curtis Wong. Also new to teaching accounting, Professor Wong was able to transfer his passion in accounting to engaging lectures. For her, accounting became fun and something she was unaware she had a knack for. When Hanh ook a challenging, part-time book-keeping position, it was Dr. Wong that helped her realize she was capable and could be confident in this new role. Hanh’s interest in accounting and decision to pursue this profession was strongly due to Professor Wong's teaching and support.

Maryan Verissimo

Martan VerissimoThe simple life on a dairy farm that Maryan’s parents had envisioned for her was disrupted when Maryan’s father was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Maryan says the sudden turn of events ignited inspiration in her and her sister to achieve financial independence through education. She is majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting. Maryan is also involved in a Portuguese traditional dance group to preserve her rich culture.

Bryan Dingus

Bryan Dingus

Bryan is a first-generation college student from Santa Rosa who believes a leader has perseverance, a great work ethic, is inspirational and knows how to treat people. He also feels leaders must help each team member find his or her strengths. As a volunteer and coach in his community, Bryan has demonstrated these characteristics. Through his degree at San José State, he aspires to be a CFO with a balanced life serving his field, family and community. Bryan completed the International Baccalaureate program at Montgomery High School.

"The Starek Scholarship has given me every opportunity to fulfill my dream as a first generation college student. My life will forever be changed. I will always look back and remember what a large impact this has had on my life in forming how my future is going to unfold. I can not express how grateful and thankful I am to SJSU, the Alumni Association, and the Starek family for allowing me this phenomenal opportunity."