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Our alumni are powering Silicon Valley and their communities worldwide! Each month we feature a member of the Alumni Association and provide a glimpse into why graduates are proud Spartans. Learn more about where their SJSU degrees have taken them and read about their favorite memories while at San José State!  

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Kenneth Kelly

Ken KellySpartan Pride runs in the family! Kenneth and his wife Linda are both proud Life Members of the SJSU Alumni Association. "My wife's wonderful career and professional achievements are due in no small part to her four years at SJSU. She is the inspiration that encouraged me to purchase our membership status." - Kenneth Kelly

Role: Retired; Environmental Educator with the County of Santa Clara

Major: Post Graduate studies, Secondary Education, '62

Why are you proud to be a Spartan? SJSU is a great example of campus/community involvement. Surrounded on all four sides by the city of San Jose, SJSU provides great opportunities for students and community members to interact and learn from one another.

What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments? Being able to work continuously at a high level for more than 40 years. While I enrolled at SJSU grad school to become a high school English and Speech teacher, I decided after leaving State to enter the business world, leaving teaching behind. Fast forward 34 years and I became a teacher in my final career incarnation.

What activities/organizations were you involved in as a student? Being a graduate student doesn't leave much time for extra curricular activities, but as a brother at Sigma Pi in Berkeley, I helped found our Chapter at SJSU, which at the time had a house on 14th street.

Which SJSU professor/staff had the greatest impact on you and why? In later years I was very pleased to work with Frank Schiavo, the environmental "guru." I now have a professional involvement with Michael Fallon, and find him to be professional, bright and caring both in our interactions and with those of his students.

What influenced your success in getting a job after college? Actually it was a couple of things: my degree from U.C. and grad studies at SJSU were highly influential - but of equal importance was during my first interview with the VP Personnel for Macy's, I discovered we were fraternity brothers (from different eras and schools). My career as Macy's executive took off from that interview.

Advice to current SJSU students: Be flexible, Be prepared, study hard, attend classes, participate in extra curricular activities, volunteer. Have a good time - you'll never forget this time of your life!