Gadiel Morantes

Gadiel Morantes

Gadiel MorantesGadiel provides early stage entrepreneurs and founders with mentorship, guidance and outsourced accounting, finance, tax, controller & CFO level solutions for their organizations. He currently serves as an advisor to SpartUps, a four-month mentorship-based accelerator program that focuses on building products, acquiring users and raising capital for early-stage startup companies. 

Role: Partner and VP of Sales, Early Growth Financial Services

Major: B.A., Psychology, '98

Twitter: @GadielMorantes

Why are you proud to be a Spartan? I'm very proud seeing how much SJSU has grown and its involvement with alumni and the community. It was primarily a commuter school when I was a student and it was hard to attach myself to the school when I was there. I didn’t have the typical experience. Now, I'm involved with SpartUps and in many ways getting the "college experience." Seeing the quality of students who are coming out of SJSU is phenomenal-what they are doing and the entrepreneurial spirit they have. I actually have more pride now than when I graduated. 

Favorite SJSU memory: My first introduction speaking to a crowd! I remember giving my first oral presentation in front of a class. It was a sizeable class, and that unique experience still stays with me. Though tough, I made it through. Now in business development, I am always in front of people speaking and using what I learned.

Most impactful time on campus: My psychology classes were phenomenal. They prepared me for the long haul, and every day I use psychology. Whether it is how to talk to certain individuals, how to bond or how to connect, I'm daily using my psychology degree in my career. 

What influenced your success in getting a job after college: Lots of hard work. I basically fell into my first job through an opening in operations in a customer-service group. It was such an active time in Silicon Valley and there was a lot of opportunity for growth, which meant 14-hour days, 6-7 days each week. I gained experience quickly, and in 1.5 years I was promoted to manager and began managing teams.

Advice to current SJSU students: The first thing I’d say is take advantage of the whole college experience. I did not squeeze everything out of it that I could have. Enjoy the moment. Work comes later; it’s hard enough as it is. Enjoy the fact that you are plugging away at school–soak every minute in it that you can!