Spartan Success Series Fall 2015

LinkedIn Roundtable

Thank you to our alumni and friends who shared their time and talent with students and fellow alumni!

Rene Siegel, Founder/President, High Tech Connect, BA 1988, Public Relations

Shandy Dunn, Vice President, High Tech Connect

Vicki Taylor, Communications Manager, High Tech Connect

Roy Kusumoto, Founder of Solectron and former President of Trillium Industries and US Electricar, BS 1966, Mechanical Engineering

Jenn Drago, Chief of Staff, Specialized Bicycle Components and former Executive Communications Manager at CISCO, BS 2011, Public Relations

Daan Giron, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, SJSU, BS 2011, Health Sciences

Barry Schiller, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications, SJSU

Evelyn Ramos, Interim Ombudsperson - Division of Student Affairs, SJSU, BA 2005, Advertising, MA 2014, Education (Counseling and Student Personnel)

MJ Donahue, Director of Development - College of Science, SJSU

Shaun Tai, Founder/Executive Director, Oakland Digital, BS 2005, Advertising, MA 2007, Interdisciplinary Studies

Andrew Warren, Digital Equity Team Member & Designer, Oakland Digital

Yudy Herrera, Digital Design Intern, Oakland Digital

Dasire'e Pangelinan-Norman, Designer & Operations Associate, Oakland Digital

Jessica Tsuei, Technical Services Analyst, LinkedIn, BS 2012, Health Science

Hideki Hirabayashi, Product Operations Manager, LinkedIn, BS 1998, International Business

Taiwuit Soonsit, Technical Services Manager, Growth, LinkedIn, BS 2011, Management Information Systems

Stephanie Trimble, UI Engineering Manager, LinkedIn, BS 1998, Accounting

Fermin Simeon, UI Engineering Manager, LinkedIn, BS 2002, Computer Science

Vivian Urata, User Experience Designer, LinkedIn, BA 2002, Graphic Design & Digital Media Art

Rachel Kumar, Senior Product Manager, LinkedIn, BS 2002, Computer Science

Ethan Dow, Associate UX Designer, LinkedIn, BA 2015 , Design Studies

Carena Ng, Business Process Architect, LinkedIn, BS 2012, Business Administration - Management Information Systems

Taminder Bariana, Associate Web Developer, LinkedIn, BS 2015, Computer Science

Jessica Clark, Senior User Experience Designer, LinkedIn, BA 2010, Graphic Design

Dan Shapero, Director of Product Management, LinkedIn Careers

Ada Yu, Product Manager (Student Team), LinkedIn

Alicia Lin, Designer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Mona Li, Product Marketing (Student Team), LinkedIn

Manish Baldua, Engineering Manager (Student Team), LinkedIn

Shannon Zhang, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Songzhe Cheng, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Wenyu Huo, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Michael Seydel, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Emma Kennedy, Finance Rotational Program, LinkedIn

Michael Zeng, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Cindy Chen, Engineer (Student Team), LinkedIn

Xiao Wang, Business Analytics (Student Team), LinkedIn

Sunil Mahadeshwar, Product Operations (Student Team), LinkedIn

Kylan Nieh, Product Manager, LinkedIn

Jackson Moses, Business Leadership Program Associate, LinkedIn

Nicole Lee, Business Leadership Program Associate, LinkedIn

Jesse Hsia, Designer, LinkedIn

Tu A. Diep, P.E.,Mechanical Engineer, Murray Company, BS 2003, Mechanical Engineering

Calvin Worsnip, Software Engineer, Uber, BS 2013, Computer Science

Ganesh Iyer, Operations and Strategy Lead, Cisco/Icebreakerq, MS 2011. Biomedical Devices

Gilberto Hernandez, Product Manufacturing Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace, BS 2011, Aerospace Engineering

Andrew Hsu, Dean of the College of Engineering, SJSU

Akash Ayare, Computer Engineer, Delphix, BS and MS 2014, Computer Engineering

Sriram Natarajan, Principle Product Manager, Oracle, BS 2012, Software Engineering, Business Administration
Mehboob Abedi, Senior Consultant Technology, Hastest Solution, Inc., BS 1997, Computer Electronics

John Bergman, Staff Mechanical Engineer, Tecan, BS 2008, Mechanical Engineering and Design

Prateek Sharma, Senior Software Engineer, Dataguise, MS 2014, Computer Software Engineering

Kirk Steyer, Process Development, Project, & Validation Engineering,Steyer Consulting Engineering Resources LLC, BS 2007, Biochemical Engineering

Jason Lin, Supplier Quality Engineer, Futuris Automotive, BS 2014, Mechanical Engineering

Pooja Indi, Member of Technical Staff, NetApp, MS 2015, Computer Software Engineering

Camille Holt, Human Resources Business Partner, Varian Medical Systems, M.S. 2014, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Catherine Voss Plaxton, Employment Specialist, College of Business at SJSU,M.A.Ed. 2015, PPSC, Counselor Education

Christiana Fairrer Samani, University Sales Recruiter, Yelp

Daniel Newell, Program Manager of Workforce and Economic Development, SJSU, BA 2013, Political Science, MPA 2018, Public Administration

Denise Hamilton, Career Mentor at The Muse, Master of Arts, BA 2010, Counseling Education

Donna Gilmour, Employment Specialist Lead, SJSU Career Center

Jean Appleman, Contract Sourcing Consultant, Varian Medical Systems

John O. Salangsang, Internship Specialist for the Job & Internship Initiative, SJSU Career Center, MA 2013, Counselor Education

Judy Kass, Human Resources Director, Tower Foundation at SJSU

Julie Jimenez, Director of Administrative Services, SJSU

Kellie Laris, Senior Technical Recruiter for the Global Services Associate Program, EMC

Ken Dean, Talent Scout-Recruiter, Varian Medical Systems

Melissa Johnson, Director of Leadership Annual Giving, SJSU

Mercedes Hernandez, Campus Manager, NetApp,BS 2011, Business Administration and Human Resource Management

Nancy Stewart, Director, Annual Giving and Special Gifts, SJSU

Nellie Rochon-Ellis, Career Consultant/Liaison to College of Science and Applied Science and Arts at Career Center, SJSU, BA, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, MA 2001, Education (Counseling and Student Personnel)

Paul Lanning, Vice President, University Advancement at San Jose State University/CEO, SJSU Tower Foundation

Roth Weidrick, Electrical Engineer, Verb Surgical Inc. 

Sarah Caravolho Khan, Senior Human Resources Manager, Varian Medical Systems

Thereza Chattmon, VP Talent Solutions, SlingShot connections

Viola Fleig, Sr. Manager Manufacturing Engineering, Varian Medical Systems