Dan Williamson

Office: FO 225
Phone: (408) 924-4523
e-mail: Dan.Williamson@sjsu.edu

Dr. Dan C. Williamson received his Doctorate in Philosophy at University of California, Riverside, August 1996. His dissertation explored the ramifications of Gay gender identity of Michel Foucault's ideas of power, knowledge, identity and resistance. He received his Master's in Philosophy from San Jose State University, December 1989. There, he explored issues of ontology, Heidegger and the question of modern technology.

His current interests continue the work on issues of ethics, self-fashioning and resistance as they arise from his reading of Foucault, and as they specifically apply to contemporary American issues in identity, culture, and politics. To this extent, he has an eclectic set of interests ranging over American, European and non-traditional literatures, philosophies, religions and histories.

His other interests, time permitting, include music (he played jazz guitar, semi-professionally in the 70s), photography and poetry. These interests had their beginning at University California, Santa Cruz (BA, Philosophy 1971) in the stimulating days of the late 60s and 70s. At San Jose State, he has taught business ethics, contemporary moral issues, critical thinking, History of Philosophy (ancient), a seminar in Foucault and Introduction to Philosophy (Phil 10).

He is also currently teaching the American Dream through Humanities/American Studies.