Dean's Circle

Annual giving of $1,000 or more to a dean’s discretionary fund

College of Applied Arts & Sciences

Lyndy and Charles Bullock

Donn A. Burch

Ann and Jon Iwata

College of Business

Christopher Adkins

Susan and John Baird

Christina and James Bareuther

Donna Magee and Edward Benson

Michelle Kremen and Roy Bolton

Donn A. Burch

Susan and Stephen Coates

Anne and Matthew Haley

Walter Heintz

Terry Huggins

Diane and Brooks Mancini

Yvonne and Larry Namekata

Cindy and Ron Olander

Georgia and Thomas Schuttish

Arthur Tom

Theresa and Maurice Townsley

Robyn and Jason Wheeler

Joyce and Gilbert Williamson

Joanna and Oliver Yu

Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Sally Dubbin

Donna S. Lewis

Patricia Rees-Miller

College of Humanities and the Arts

Charlene Archibeque and Bob Melnikoff

Barbara and Gene Barrie

Christine and Eugene Bernardini

Joann and Ross Bright

Josephine and Tony Cirone

Joy Jones

Elizabeth and Joe Lewis

Michael McCall

Muriel and William McGee

Janet Muscio and William McCraw

Edis and Martin Robinson

Claire and Karl Toepfer

Ms. Lisa M. Vollendorf

Marcia Wells-Lawson and Henry Lawson

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Robin and Stephen Ching

John Dawson

David Forster

Denise and Ronald Guasticci

Carolyn Guidry ±

Mark Guidry

Pamela and David Hemker

Jaynie and William Kind

Christopher La

Jean and William Nix

Michael Perry

Richard Popovits

Lee Schaff

Robert Stevens

Jessie ± and David Weng

Nilde and J. Lino Zelada

College of Social Sciences


Catherine and Daniel Bird

Randy Hirotsu

Anthony L. and Susan G. Jackson

Leonard Lloyd

Maryanna and Don McSwain

James Musbach

Lela Noble

Richard Potter

Karolyn and Christopher Sewell

College of Science

Priscilla and Joel Brown

S.B. Meyer and Daniel Pappone

Michael Parrish and Karen Giles

Maria and Ernesto Rey

Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Bernadine and Lionel Goularte


± Deceased
* Recent Alumni