The Heritage Society

Honors those who have included SJSU in their estate planning


-    A   - 

Anonymous (17)

William Adams Jr. ±

Carmen and John Aitken

Barbara and Kent Anderson

Emma Anderson ±

Maureen and Jeffrey Andreson

Laurie Antognini

Keith Antognini

Charlene Archibeque and Bob Melnikoff

Larry Arzie and David Stonesifer

Joyce and Richard Asimus

Mary Auvil

Mary Avalos

Toyoko and Carlos Avila


-    B   - 

Nicholas and Jan Barisich

Jean Beard

Shirley and Wallace Beaudry

Joanne Becker

Eve and Arthur Beddeson

Sandra Belanger

Donna Magee and Edward Benson

Eleanor Bezanker

Mary Bowman

Irma Brilliant

Catherine Bullock

Donn A. Burch

Patricia Burns

McKenzie and Robert Burpee


-    C   - 

Diane and Gregor Cailliet

Cheryl and Stephen Caplan

Louis Caple

Suzanne Carder

Irving Carson ±

Cathy and Elias Castillo

Geraldine Chartrand

Patricia and William Chase

Dan Cheadle Sr. and Nancy Atherton Cheadle

Catherine Chen

Esther and Richard Chew

Gloria and Michael Chiang

Diane and Stanley Chinchen

Dr. Carol L. Christensen

Helen Clark

Marsha Clark

Ann and Sheffield Clarke

Connie and David Clayton

Mark Clayton

Susan and Stephen Coates

Robert Coe

Tom Colla

Lupe Compean

Jack Conner

Mrs. Helen K. Connolley

Joseph Consul

Stephanie and Ted Coopman

Donald. C. Cox Jr.

Martha Heasley Cox

Edward Crowley


-    D   - 

Richard Dale

Scott Daugherty

Sue Daughtrey

George Delucchi

Gloria Duffy and Rod Diridon

Janice and Ronald Dong

Shirley and Chesley Douglas

Merrilee Downer

Carolyn Downey

Sally Dubbin


-    E, F   - 

Ellen and William Eckert

Billye Ericksen

Virginia Fanelli

Caroline and Evan Filby

Maxine Hunt Fink

Millie and Gerald FitzGerald

Timothy Fitzgerald ±

Barbara and Robert Foy

Shari and Les Francis


-    G   - 

Marilyn and Stanley Gadway

Stanley Gazay

Suzanne and William Gilbreth

Wanda Ginner

Bobbye Gorenberg

Curtis Gowan

Gary Graul ±

James Green

Grace ± and William Greenwood

Patricia Grilione

Doris Groves

Robert Guckert

Audrey and Gilbert Guerin

Lisa and Robert Gunn

Glen Guttormsen


-    H   - 

Mark Hajduk

Stanley Hajduk

Scott Hamblin

Jerry Hamilton

Debra and Arthur Hansen

Pat Hanzad

Rovenna Harden

Pat and Carl Harris

Mary Yoklavich and James Harvey

Janet Gray Hayes ±

Evelyn and David Heagerty

Wanda Hendrix

Carl H. and Patricia Evridge Hill

Ira Hillyer

Anne Murphy Hopkirk and John Hopkirk

Sue Howland

June and Howard Hubbard

Hana and Barton Hughes

Diana and Lanny Hunter


-    J, K   - 

Linda Jack

Elliott Jardin ±

Billie and Don Jensen

Susan P. and Edward E. Johnson

Gayle and Kenneth Kludt

Guenter Krueger


-    L   -  

Christina Maria La Monico

Virginia and Lawrence La Vista

Anna Lambourne

Judy and Don Langley

Ivy Laverty

Thomas Layton

Cynthia and David Lazares

James Le Compte

Carolyn Lewis

Sylvia Light

Ada Loewer

Bette and David Loomis

Sally and Donald Lucas

Marsha and Scott Luebbers

Tony Lupina

Connie L. Lurie


-    M   - 

Pam Mallory

George Manet

Michael Masuda

Glenna Matthews

Barbara McAtee Littlepage and Thomas Littlepage Jr.

Gwendolyn McDaniel

William McGee

Maria and William McHargue

Beverly Mecklenburg

Gene Medinnus

L. Thomas Mitchell

Janet Moore

Linda Morasch

Valerie and Robert Morris

Carol Mukhopadhyay

Aron Murai

Janet Muscio and William McCraw


-    N   - 

Valerie and Lawrence Napolitano

Patricia Needham

Jean Nielsen

Linda and Phillip Nielsen

Grace Niemcziek

Judy Junko Niizawa


-    O, P   - 

Ellen Ohan-Jones

Arlene Okerlund

James Olson

Gabriele Ondine

Eva Orton

Chris Panopulos

Janice Paull

Heidi McHugh Pendleton and Forrest Pendleton

Esther Pereyra-Suarez

Andrew C. Pesha Jr.

Keith Peterson

Fredrick Petri

Herbert Petty ±

Marguerite Pitt

Wanna and Jerry Pitts

Frederick Poole

Andrea and Terrence Potts

Andrea and William Potts

John Poysa Jr.

Doris Prince

Fred Prochaska

Martin Prolo


-    R   - 

Robert Rafloski

Donna and Mark Rand

Robert Raye

Janet Redding Richardson and Thomas Richardson

Richard Ressman

Olga Rocky

Maria Rodriguez

John Rogers ±

Ruth Rollins

Donna and Gordon ± Rooney

Muriel and David Rosenthal

Marshal Rosenthal

Linda and Steven Rosso

Mary and Donald Ryan

Karen and Mike Ryan


-    S   - 

Shirley Saddoris

Ronald Sampson

Janice and Bradford Santos

Lois Santos

Gary J. Sbona

Mary J. Sbona

Tazumi and James Scearce

Diane and Marvin Schreck

Diane and Russ Schreck

Vincent Seid

Carol and Ray Silva

Barbara and Sam Skelly

Betty and Paul Skov

Barbara Smith

Elveda Smith

Patricia Smith and Luke Levers

William Smith

Steven Springer

Gerald M. Starek

Donna Stuedeman and Marcus Brooks

Holly Stump

Susan Swanson Gill and Donald Gill


-    T, U  - 

Patty and William Tamblyn

Wayne and Diane Tanda

Joe Thomas

Myrna Thompson and Alan Schoen

Thomas Thompson

Sharon Thoms

Ann and Richard Thurman

Margaret and Gordon Thym

Sue and Nathaniel Tinkler

Susan and William Tinkley

Genevieve Tobiasseen

Jody and Rafael Ulate


-    V, W   - 

Helen Vedovelli ±

John Velcamp

Orville Vick

Anu Vuorikoski-Bullis

Alice and Dietrich Wagner

Patrick J. Walsh

Leta Walter

Susan and Lee Walton

Helen Wang

Phyllis A. Ward

Laurie and Michael Warner

John Wedgwood

Mary Lou and J. Benton White

Mr. John W. White

Nancy and Kenneth Wiener

Colleen Wilcox

Vera ± and Kermit ± Williams

David. L. Woods, Ph.D.


-    Y, Z - 

Ruth Yaffe

Aileen and Paul Yoshida

Cecily and Fernando Zazueta

Stephen Zielinski


± Deceased
* Recent Alumni