The President's Club

The Chancellor’s Circle

Lifetime giving of $1,000,000 and above

Emma Anderson ±

Joan and Donald Beall

Lorraine ± and James ± Boccardo

Susan ± and Phillip Boyce

Marion Cilker ±

Anita and Charles Davidson

Maxine Hunt Fink and Dr. Jack E. Fink ±

Alfred Gordoy ±

Carolyn ± and Mark Guidry

Bertha Kalm ±

Omid Kordestani

Emma Legg ±

Sally and Donald Lucas

Connie L. Lurie

Betty and Gordon Moore

Don Newnan

Lois ± and Jesse ± Reynolds

Trudy and Terrence Rose

Diann Sant

Phyllis ± and Alan ± Simpkins

Natalie Thompson ±

Alberta Walker ±

George W. Minns Society

Lifetime giving $150,000-$999,999

Anonymous (7)

Anna Ballarian ±

Jean Beard

Stella Berboth ±

Joan Bergman ±

Anna Marie and Larry Boucher

Diane and Lee Brandenburg

Donn A. Burch

Marie Carr ±

Sandra and Fred Chasalow

Sandy Chau

Dan Cheadle Sr. and Nancy Atherton Cheadle

Susan and Stephen Coates

Carol ± and Robert Coe

Martha Heasley Cox

Mrs. Maryann Crawford

Betty ± and Laurie ± Davison

Gabriela De La Piedra ±

Jennifer and J. Philip DiNapoli

Elaine and Dana Ditmore

Janice and Ronald Dong

Miriam and David Donoho

Cathy and Henry Down Jr.

Dorothy ± and Jerry ± Erich

Billye Ericksen

Jane Evans ±

Virginia Fanelli

Barbara and Robert Foy

Marilyn and Stanley Gadway

Joe Gagliardi

Carmella and Jeff Garcia

Robert Geisler ±

Virtue Gerrish ±

Rhodine and Jack ± Gifford

Diana ± and John ± Gilbert

Wanda and Lance Ginner

Claudia Greathead ±

Camille ± and Stanley ± Griffin

Patricia Grilione

Glen Guttormsen

Sondra and Jerry Hamilton

Elisabeth ± and Oskar ± Heil

Anne Murphy Hopkirk and John Hopkirk

Blance and Robert ± Hosfeldt

Margaret and James Jimenez

Alida ± and Joseph ± Johnson

Charlene and Derry Kabcenell

Lori and Alan Kessler

Christina Maria La Monico

Marcia and Henry Lawson

Cynthia and David Lazares

Marla and Gary Lenz

Henry Little ±

Bette and David Loomis

Agnieszka Winkler and Arthur Lund

Muriel and William McGee

Constance Moore and Roger Greer

Linda Morasch

Rebecca and James Morgan

Tashia and John Morgridge

Grace Niemcziek

Theodore Norton ±

Jennifer Hammer and Edward Oates

Arlene Okerlund

Gary Olimpia

Dorothy Oppenheim ±

David Packard ±

Richard Pea ±

Gust Perlegos

Aileen Perlstein ±

Carol and Herbert ± Petty

Marguerite Pitt

Andrea and Terrence Potts

Douglas Radcliff ±

Dolores Raneri ±

Molly and Gene Rauen

B. L. Reichmuth

Nellie ± and Herbert ± Richards

Donna and Gordon ± Rooney

Gary J. Sbona

August Scherer ±

Patricia and Stephen Schott

James Scott Jr. ±

Carol and Ray Silva

Kimball Small

Edith Smith ±

Notia Smith ±

William Smythe ±

Deirdre and Larry Solari

Gerald M. Starek

Tricia and Keith Stephens

Molly and Barry Swenson

Patty and William Tamblyn

Sally and James Thompson

Sharon Thoms

Lois Thore ±

Virginia and Peter Ueberroth

Audrey Unruh

Catherine Urban ±

Janet ±  and Reed ± Van Der Kamp

Richard Vermeil

Helen Wang

Janet and Sang Wang

Phyllis A. Ward

Marva and John Warnock

Joyce and Gilbert Williamson

Mildred Winters ±

Blanche Woelffel ±

Harry Wong ±

Ruth Yaffe


± Deceased
* Recent Alumni