The Tower Society

The President’s Circle

Annual Giving of $50,000 or More

Anonymous (2)

Carmen and John Aitken

Emma Anderson ±

Joan and Donald Beall

Donn A. Burch

Dan Cheadle Sr. and Nancy Atherton Cheadle

Anita and Charles Davidson

Dorothy ± and Jerry Erich ±

Jane Evans ±

Nancie Fimbel and Carl Van Deman

Ronald Friedle ±

Bernadine and Lionel Goularte

Carolyn ± and Mark Guidry

Douglas Jamieson

Charlene and Derry Kabcenell

Bertha Kalm ±

Christina Maria La Monico

Bette and David Loomis

Sally and Donald Lucas

Brooke Lustig

Nicholas Masterjohn ±

Dianne and Regis McKenna

Gary Olimpia

Marguerite Pitt

Douglas Radcliff ±

Trudy and Terrence Rose

Phyllis Simpkins ±

Deirdre and Larry Solari

Gerald M. Starek

Tricia and Keith Stephens

Cynthia and Rich Thawley

Sally and James Thompson

Charlene and Gerald Uenaka

John Vernon

Helen Wang

Marcia Wells-Lawson and Henry Lawson

Colleen Wilcox

Joyce and Gilbert Williamson

Washington Square Council

Annual Giving of $24,000-$49,000

Anonymous (3)

Jean Beard

Patricia * and Pete Biocini

Eileen and R. Steven Brooks

Jameson Chee

Marion Cilker ±

Susan and Stephen Coates

Jim Craik

Richard Dale

Jennifer and J. Philip DiNapoli

Wanda and Lance Ginner

Gary Graul ±

Glen Guttormsen

Margaret and James Jimenez

Bonita Kraft and Richard Anderson

Diane and Brooks Mancini

Melinda Marian

Muriel and William McGee

Linda Morasch

Arash Motamedi-Ghazvini*

Arlene Okerlund

Patty and William Tamblyn

Carolyn and Richard Vermeil

Janet and Stewart Wobber

The 1857 Club

Annual giving of $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (1)

Inky and Dave Amoroso

Peggy Anastasia

Suzanne Avina

Keith Barnes

Patricia and William Barton

Carol Beddo

Dwight Bentel ±

Michelle Kremen and Roy Bolton

Merlene Bottomley

The family of Burton Brazil

Jack Brown

Catherine Bullock

Mary and Alan Burgess

Irving Carson

Gail and Bruce Chizen

Elaine and Tien Chung

Stephanie and Ted Coopman

Cindy and Ernest Cortes

Donald Cowles

Maryann Crawford

Tim Crick

Cathy and Henry Down Jr.

Barbara and Robert Foy

Gerard Furbershaw

Marilyn and Stanley Gadway

Shirley and William George

Debra and Steve Gordon

Bobbye Gorenberg

Daniel Haber

Sondra and Jerry Hamilton

Robert Hisaoka

Anne Murphy Hopkirk and John Hopkirk

Patricia and Randall Horton

Susan P. and Edward E. Johnson

Jennifer and Edward Khouri

Gayle & Kenneth Kludt

Elizabeth Laverty and Kevin Williamson

Mabel Miyasaki and Thomas Layton

Robert Lee

Marla and Gary Lenz

Dwight Lowery

Marsha and Scott Luebbers

Aline and Daniel Marshall

Danette and Amir Mashkoori

Lara McLaughlin

Joyce and Pat Milligan

Alys Milner and Michael Francini *

Constance Moore and Roger Greer

Diana Morabito and Keith Ball

Penny and Douglas Munson

Aron Murai

Carolyn and A. Robert Pisano

Andrea and Terrence Potts

Molly and Gene Rauen

Patricia Rees-Miller

Sheri and Paul Robbins

Donna and Gordon Rooney

Ruby Ruhling

Dario H. Sattui

Mary J. and Gary J. Sbona

Jeanne Sheldon and Marvin Parsons

Carol and Ray Silva

Elaine and Larry Sparling

Helen Stevens

Richard A. Taketa

Theresa and Maurice Townsley

Virginia and Peter Ueberroth

Audrey Unruh

Jessie ± and David Weng

Joanna and Oliver Yu

The Gold & Blue Society

Annual giving of $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous (3)

Sandy Allen

Isabel Allende

Mira Amiras

Nicholas and Jan Barisich

Sally and William Bischoff

John Bleymaier

Anna Marie and Larry Boucher

Elizabeth Burgess

Brian Burlingame

Cheryl and Stephen Caplan

Louis Caple

Jane and James Carter

Carmen and Alcario Castellano

Beatrice and George Castro

Gail and Robert Chappell

Gail and Douglas Cheeseman Jr.

Gloria and Michael Chiang

Robin and Stephen Ching

Bonnie and George Clark

Sandra and Richard Conniff

Sharron and Carl Cookson

Judith and Michael Demko

Tracey and Eugene Enfantino

Louis Fischl

Robert Fisher

Vivian and Maurino Flora

Francis Family

Shari and Les Francis

Joseph Gitin ±

Sheryl and Steve Goodman

Patricia Grilione

Benjamin Hammett

Pat Hanzad

Bettejean Hill

Anthony L. and Susan G. Jackson

Billie and Don Jensen

Carol and Richard Johnstone

Lori and Alan Kessler

Jaynie and William Kind

John Kirkorian

Diane Klinke

Brandon Knapp

Elizabeth and Joe Lewis

Kathy and Mark Loveless

Julianna and Stuart MacPherson

Maryanna and Don McSwain

Jenny and Mitchell Ming

Betty and Gordon Moore

Milly and Mac Morris

Myra and Brad Mountz

Laurie Mullen

Betty Jean and Fred Neebling Jr.

Nancy W. and Rick Nelson

Huyen Nguyen *

Melvyn Nunes

Joseph Parisi

Marissa and Eric Peterson

Richard Post

John Poysa Jr.

Sandra and George Quinn

Vibha Jayan and Javan Ramankutty

Jose Rodriguez

Genevieve and Richard Rolla

Anne Scarlett ±

Diane and Marvin Schreck

Georgia and Thomas Schuttish

Kathleen Schwartz

Patricia and David Smith

Elaine and Graham Smith

Patrick Spooner

Steven Springer

Ricki and David Steele

Kristina and Tim Stejskal

Saundra and Alexander Stepovich

Joe Thomas

Jane Bradley and Thomas Thompson

Barbara Titchenal

Scott Ushijima

Margaret Valentine

Patricia and Ronald VandenBerghe

Susan Vieira

Teresa Walovich

Phyllis A. Ward

Yvonne Wassenaar

Jessie ± and David Weng

Susanne and Robert Wilson

Nadine and Alan Winterbotham

Tower Ambassadors

Annual Giving of $1,000-$4,999

- A -

Anonymous (8)

Nahed Abdin

Christopher Adkins

Nadia Ahmad *

John Aimonetti

John Albanese

Julie and Carlos Alcaine

Emily Allen

Evelia Amador

Elizabeth Anastasi

Cynthia Anderson

Francis Anderson

Sue and Gary Anderson

Lynne and Robert Archer

Charlene Archibeque and Bob Melnikoff

Lydia and Daniel Arechiga

Nancy and Donald Arington

Yvette Young and Bob Aron

Marcia and Craig Ash

William Auer

- B -

Vickie and Martin Baccaglio

Susan and John Baird

Anna Ballarian ±

John-Paul Balmet

Christina and James Bareuther

Mike Barnard

Barbara and Gene Barrie

Sandra Bass

Brian Bates

Nancy Bean

Michael Beaubien

Sandra Belanger

Donna Magee and Edward Benson

Maria and David Bentley

Bob Beresford

George Bergna

Christine and Eugene Bernardini

Anthony Bernier

James Bernstein

Delia and James Besio

Janet and John Bettencourt

Lizette Vega-Biancalana and Jeffrey Biancalana

Achille Bigliardi

Nancy and Don Billings

Catherine and Daniel Bird

Robert Birnstihl

Madeline and Timothy Blackwood

George Bohan

Michael Bordoni

Merelene Bottomley

Susan Boye-Lynn and Robert Boye

Eleanor and Robert Brady

Sheri and Steven Bragg

J. Braugh

Patricia and Patrick Brick

Joann and Ross Bright

Kimberly and Larry Brill

Linda and Dan Brown

Kevin Brown

Priscilla and Joel Brown

Jeanette and Richard Browne

Hans Bruijnes

John Buchanan

Lyndy and Charles Bullock

Nancy and Brian Burke

James Burton

Catherine Busalacchi

Joel Busch

Eric Butler

- C -

Timothy Calabretta

Dana Cambra

Nancy and James Campbell

Michele and Wayne Cappa

Wendy and Ron Caragher

Eduardo Cerna

Annette Chee

Catherine Chen

Esther and Richard Chew

Michael Chiappe

Terry Christensen

Josephine and Tony Cirone

Chris Citti

Chiao Clerkin

Robert Coe

Berliner Cohen

Beth Colbert

Elaine Collins

Barbara Conant

Maria and Joseph Conetto

Kraig Constantino

Sylvia and Albert Cook

Joyce and Lex Corrales

Victoria Corrales

Joan and Victor Corsiglia

Donald C. Cox, Jr.

Angela and Richard Craig

Charles Crampton

Gerry and Alfio Crema

Margaret and David Critzer

Gail and Roger Crockett

Grace Crunican

Vincent Cucuzza

Jeffrey Cunningham

Julia Curry

Barbara and Robert Cushing

- D -

Irene Dalis-Loinaz

Steve Darragh

Marcia Daszko

Stephanie Davidson

Jill and Edward Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Davis

Christine and John Davis

John Dawson

Jeannette De La Garza

Dennis DeMille

George Delucchi

Claudia Dencker

Joanne and Kerry Depold

Gloria Duffy and Rod Diridon

Carolyn and Daniel Doles

Cheryl and Dave Donahue

Miriam and David Donoho

Shirley and Chesley Douglas

Marvin Dozier

Sally Dubbin

Angie and Darrell Dukes

Rebecca Dukes

Vicki and James Duncan

Susan Dunn

Ty and Fran Durekas

Virginia and Albert Dutra

Charlene Duval

- E -

Brad Eccles

William Eckard

Betty and Charles Elder

Mary and Paul Engle

Anna Zara and Robert English

Carla and Willard C. Evans

- F -

Lawrence Fan

Mark Farabaugh

Aaron Fast

Linda and Gerald Feeney

Norborn Felton

Lon Fenchel

Devin and Daniel Ferryman

Mary and James Ferryman

Jay Fischer

Vickii and George Fleming

Sara Fletcher and Robert Bridenbecker

Wesley Fong

Delphine and John Fontana

David Forster

Harry Foster

Maryann Fox

Mary Ellen and Michael Fox

Cathleen and Perry Fox

Gene Franco

Eric Frendberg

Margaret and Raymond Frye

Kimiko Fukuda

Karen and David Furst

- G -

Laurie and Martin Garvin

Janet and Robert Gashler

Timothy Gerlach

Andrew Ghiggeri

Mary Lou and Claude Gilbert

Diana Gilbert

Hinda Gilbert

Susan and Donald Gill

Gene and Mary Goldberg

Frankie and Jack Golenor Jr.

Deanna Gonzales

Laura Good

Diane and Chris Gordon

John Gorvad

Grace ± and William Greenwood

Lillian and Douglas Greer

Katherine and Philip Gregory

Billie Jo Grosvenor and Rodney Amen

John Gruehl

Abbe Guanella

Carl Guardino

Denise and Ronald Guasticci

Robert Guckert

Rose Guilbault

- H -

Dan Haas

William Hadaya

Pat and Warren Hagstrom

Anne and Matthew Haley

Amanda and Jon Hall

Patti Hamaguchi

Karen and Rick Harrison

Mary Yoklavich and James Harvey

Beverly and Kenneth Haughton

Kenneth Haycock

Janey Gray and Kenneth    Hayes ±

Deborah and Simon Hayes

Evelyn and David Heagerty

Walter Heintz

Barbara and H. Brent Heisinger

Pamela and David Hemker

Richard Hemmerling

Laura Henderson and Jason Silva

Wanda Hendrix

Richard Henning

Michael Herkenrath

Sandy and Steven Hill

Randy Hirotsu

Harry Ho

Thomas Hood

Max Hooper

Valerie and John Hopkins

Patricia Hraba

Raymond Huang

Terry Huggins

Barbara and Jerry Hukee

Gillian Humphries

Katharina and Douglas Hunt

Sue and Leon Hunt

Diana and Lanny Hunter

Barbara Hutchings

Alvan and Jo Hutchko

Dennis Huynh

Zachary Hymanson

- I -

Robert Ikeoka *

Stephen Irwin

Jeanne and Dennis Isola

Ann and Jon Iwata

- J -

Gregg Jackson

Catherine and Steven Jacob

Elliott Jardin

Cliff Jarrard

Clifford Johnson

Bernadette and Charles Johnstone

Jody and David Joines

David Jones

Joy Jones

Cynthia Jordan-Anderson and Anthony Anderson

David Jorgensen

Barbara and George Junker

Lillian and James Junker

Ellen Junn

- K -

Salese and Paul Kanter

Amy and Don Kassing

Cynthia Kato

Irene and Kiyoshi Katsumoto

Megan Kelly

Dianna and Thomas Kessler Jr.

Stephanie Long-Kiepen and Scott Kiepen

Kimiko Kikuchi

Edward Kim

Seung Kim

Celeste and Howard Kitagawa

Yukimasa Kitano

Craig Kitzmann *

Nancy and Gregory Klein

Diane and William Kline

Pamela Kochman

Krishna Kotni

Jane and John Kroll

Howard Kumamoto

Christopher La

Tim La Kose

- L -

Stuart Lai

Berget Lane

Andrew Lau-Seim *

Martha and Sam Lazarakis

Hung Le

James Le Compte

Elena Lebedeva and Al Smith

Terry and Guillaume Lebobe

Liz Yee and Scott Lefaver

Veronica and Andrew Lenz

William Leslie

Judith Lessow-Hurley and Michael Hurley

Donna S. Lewis

Avis and Ronald Lindsay

Phyllis and Robert Lindstrom

Jill and Joseph Lipari

Petrita * and David Lipkin

Leonard Lloyd

Anthony Locy

Dolores and Arthur Lopez

T. Louie

Charlotte and John Lowrey

Nancy and Chyi Lu

- M -

Mike MacIntyre

Karen Machida

Robert Mackenzie

Robert and Pam Mahowald

Marcia and Bradley Maihack

Mark Makiewicz

Dina and Raymond Marine

Clifford Marks

Linda and John Marsh Jr.

Claire Marshall

Rick Martellaro

Marlene Martin

Roger Mason

Anthony Matan

Brett Mattos

Howard E. Mauer

Erika and Bill Mazotti

Michael McCall

Sharon and Edwin McCauley

Coleetta McElroy

Anne and Jeffrey McGuire

Beverly Mecklenburg

Lina Melkonian

Bette Mendizabal

Elizabeth Messmer

Sharon Metzler-Baron

S.B. Meyer and Daniel Pappone

Melinda Meyers

Susan Meyers and Michael Oshan

W. Michelini

Deni and Norman Mineta

Paula and Robert Minklein

Kathy and Laurence ± Mitchell

Ovadia Mizrahi

Patrick Mockler

Lesly and Terry Mohr

Gwendolyn Mok

Ms. Sami M. Monsur *

Jody Mortimore

Charles Morton

Edwin Mosher

Anuradha and Praveen Moudgal

Lois Muhly

Carol Mukhopadhyay

Stephanie and Michael Mulligan

Mary and John Munday

Fred Murphy

James Musbach

Janet Muscio and William McCraw

- N -

Lyn and Stephen Nadeau

Selva Naidu

Yvonne and Larry Namekata

Estefania and William Nance

Anne and Robert Naragon

Patricia and Enrique Navarro

Gina and Joseph Nedney

Karole and Micky Nelson

Bertha and Richard Nelson

Linda and Frederick Newman

Holly Newman

Patricia and Frank Nichols Jr.

Sheila and James Nielsen

Andrea and Gerald Nieto

Mary Nino

Jean and William Nix

Lela Noble

Larry Nowakowski

- O -

Joann and John O'Loughlin

Leon O'Neill

Sophia Oh-Kim and Seung Kim

Robin Okano

Cindy and Ron Olander

Debbie and Richard Oliva

Phyllis Osaki and Steven Hallgrimson

Linda and Gary Oseransky

- P -

Gula Palmer

Michael Parrish and Karen Giles

Virgil Parsons

Kathryn and David Pasek

Lisa and Mark Pasquale

Lorraine and Robert Pedretti

Sara and Roger Peirce

Rose and Raymond Peralez

Phyllis Perez-Sorensen and Robert Sorensen

Linda and Donald Perry

Michael Perry

Andrew C. Pesha Jr.

Dave Peterson

Charles Pettis

Aurora Loera and John Pfahnl Jr.

Mignon and Benny Pierce

Keith Pierce

Stephanie and Elliot Pinson

Helen and Rudy Pivk

Lynn and Douglas Planchon

Nancy Sheppard and Michael Popovich

Richard Popovits

Evelyn and Michael Porte

Richard Potter

- R -

Carolyn Lewis and Marilyn Radisch

Virginia Fanelli and John Ralston

Josephine Ramirez

Maria Ramirez

Guillermo Ramos

Debbie and Victor Ramos

Mike Rawitser

Robert Raye

Laura and Michael Rebholtz

Betty and Dexter Reeder

Shirley Reekie

Richard Reel

B. L. Reichmuth

Rose and Eugene Reilly

Maria and Ernesto Rey

Constance and William Ring

Charlene and John Roberts

Edis and Martin Robinson

Lea and Stephen Robinson

Todd Robinson

Olga Rocky

Robert Romig

Yana and Ilya Ronin

Marshal Rosenthal

Mostafa Roumina

Rebbaz Royee *

Linda and Daniel Russo

Mary and Donald Ryan

Karen and Mike Ryan

- S -

Benn Sah

Suzanne and James Salata

Karen and Tony Sanchez-Corea

Jo Anne Sarro

John Saunders

Debora Sawyer-Poch and John Poch

Nicole and Jeffrey Scales

Karen and Francis Scarpulla

Lee Schaff

JoAnn and William Schmidt

Patricia and Stephen Schott

Virginia and William Schultz

Judith Schultze

Karl Schulz

Wendy Scott

Martin Selznick

Karolyn and Christopher Sewell

Thomas Shumate

Joanne and James Shurter

Carmen and Robert Sigler

Pete Silva

Vernon Silva Family

Carol and Robert Simpkins

M. Brigid and Bill Simpkins

Wilbur Sims ±

Rameshwar Singh, PhD

Karen Singmaster

Barbara and Sam Skelly

Betty and Paul Skov

Thomas Slatten

Daniel Sloan

Elveda Smith

Philomene and Henry Smith

Lonna and Michael Smith

Patricia Smith and Luke Levers

Joan and Paul Smith

Robert Smith

Roberta and Ross Smith

Darren Sparks

Joanne Noce-Sprenkel and Keith Sprenkel

J. Michael and Betty A. Sproule

Frances and Calvin Stevens

Robert Stevens

Joanne and Dean Storkan

Nancy Strain-Traylor

Rhonda Stratton

Donna Stuedeman and Marcus Brooks

Julie Suzuki

Paul Swain

Kevin Swanson

Molly and Barry Swenson

Sandra Swinney

Alfred Syversten

- T -

Jennifer and Anthony Talbott

Evelyn Tan *

Wayne and Diane Tanda

Edward Tani

Beth and Philip Taylor

Jessica and Nicholas Taylor

Mary Lou and Jack Taylor

Christine and Robert Terpening

Janice and William Terry

Russell Thomas

Susan Thomas

Lloyda Thompson

Carol and Sid Thompson

Joan Timpany

Susan and William Tinkley

Claire and Karl Toepfer

Arthur Tom

Linda and Geoffrey Tootell

Joan Torne

Terry Tremblay

Thomas Trudell

Anthony Trujillo

Rose and Raymond Tseng

Jared Tuberty

Marie Tuite

Bruce Turetsky

Kit Turner

- U -

Jody and Rafael Ulate

- V -

Suzanne and Eugene Valla

Cliff van Amen

Duran and Sean Venables

Arlene and Gary Verbin

Lynn M. Vidali Gautschi

Mary and Rudolph Villa

Ms. Lisa M. Vollendorf

Melissa and Stan Vuckovich

- W -

John Waddington

Judy and Chuck Waggoner

Catherine and Leonard Walker

Patrick Walsh

Leta Walter

Jason Warner

J. D. Warren

Marianne and William Weisgerber

Joy and Robert Weiss

Connie and Mark Welch

Christi and Marty Weybret

Robyn and Jason Wheeler

Therese Cleary Whiting and Steven Whiting

Nancy and Kenneth Wiener

Carol Wilhelmy

Andre Williams *

James Williams

Lori and Tom Williams

Sharon Wills

Cathy and Michael Wittig

Marianne and Wayne Woodard

Jeanne Wrede

- Y, Z -

David Yee

Donna and Lew Yobs

Kathryn Young

Alana and Mike Zamora

Debi and Brad Zaro

Cecily and Fernando Zazueta

Nilde and J. Lino Zelada

Joseph Zeligs


± Deceased
* Recent Alumni