Instructions for Completing University Application to Graduate and Major Forms

Note: If you have an Apple computer, make sure to have Adobe Reader installed. The program must show up on the System Preferences in the Apple drop down menu. Open the program and when you're prompted to "Convert all Files," click yes.

Step 1.

Download these two documents using the links at the bottom of this page:

  • the University Application to Graduate
  • one of the four Major Forms (either Anthropology or Behavioral Science or Behavioral Science Double Major or Organizational Studies)

Step 2.

Save both documents to your computer. Save them using the following naming system: (your last name)_(your first name)_(form name). For example, if your name is Diana Smith your Major Form should be saved as smith_diana_major. Your University Application to Graduate should be saved as smith_diana_application. Close the files once you have saved them.

Step 3.

Open the University Application to Graduate and click the "Sign" button on the top right corner. Fill out the document completely, periodically saving your data. Under "Major" you should type either Anthropology or Behavioral Science or Behavioral Science/ANTH or Behavioral Science/PSYC or Behavioral Science/SOCI or Organizational Studies. Only use the Double Major line if you are completing two completely separate degrees, such as Anthropology and Biology. Once you are done, save the file, close it, and reopen to make sure it is saved.

Print out a hard copy of the completed University Application to Graduate, sign and date it, and submit it to the front desk in the Department of Anthropology office (Clark Hall 469).

Step 4.

Open the Major Form that reflects your major and click the "Sign" button on the top right corner. Fill out the form completely, periodically saving your data. All the information you need to complete your Major Form is on your major Progress-To-Degree Tracker. Carefully complete the Major Form, save it, and send it as an email attachment to The subject of your email should be the name of your Major Form file (for example smith_diana_major). We only accept Major Forms submitted in this way. Incorrect or incomplete forms will be returned. Look at the EXAMPLE of major form below.

Step 5.

You will be notified by email when your Major Form is approved. You can pick up an envelope containing your documents in the Anthropology department office (CL 469) during regular office hours. Please call ahead to ensure someone will be there to help you. Our number is (408) 924-5710.

Step 6.

Take the envelope to Window R in Student Services.

Note: If you do not complete a course listed on the major form you will have to complete a course substitution form. See the FAQ section on this website for instructions about completing the form.

Example of Completed Major Form

University Application to Graduate
Anthropology Major Form
Behavioral Science Major Form
Behavioral Science Double Major Form
Organizational Studies Major Form