Anthropology, BA

Why do Anthropology majors love their major?


Major GPA Requirements

University Requirements

53 Total Units

General Education (GE) Requirements : Of the 51 GE units required by the university, 9 may be satisfied by specific major and support requirements. Of the 6 American Institutions units required by the university, all may be satisfied within GE requirements as specified in the schedule of classes. Consult major advisor for details.)

(42 units outside major)

Major and Support for the Major:SOCS/SOCI 015, SOCI 102, STAT 095 or GEOG 101 are considered support for the major. One of these 3 unit classes may be counted as part of the 9 units inside or in support of the major which contribute to the 51 total units of University requirements.

(9 units inside major may include 3 units support for the major)

Physical Education Requirements: Two units of Physical Education must be taken in addition to the 51 units of GE

2 units

Major Requirements

42 Total Units

** All ANTH course descriptions may be found here: Courses


Core: ANTH 011, ANTH 012, ANTH 013, ANTH 131 and ANTH 191

15 units

Research Methods:Choose a course from: ANTH 149, ANTH 155, ANTH 168, or ANTH 169

3 units

Archaeology:Choose two courses from: ANTH 161, ANTH 162, ANTH 163, ANTH 164, ANTH 165, ANTH 168, or ANTH 169

6 units

Cultural Anthropology: Choose two courses from: ANTH 105, ANTH 108, ANTH 125, ANTH 132, ANTH 133, ANTH 134, ANTH 135, ANTH 136, ANTH 141, ANTH 142, ANTH 143, ANTH 144, ANTH 149, ANTH 173, ANTH 175, ANTH 176, ANTH 177, ANTH 178

6 units

Physical Anthropology:Choose two courses from: ANTH 151, ANTH 152, ANTH 154, ANTH 155, ANTH 156, ANTH 157 or ANTH 159

6 units

Major Electives: Take two additional upper-division anthropology courses. Your major electives can be split between the fields of cultural anthropology, archaeology, and physcial anthropology, or you may take both in any one of the fields. The faculty advisors can help you make the decision that is best for you. One SJSU studies course may be counted as a major elective.

6 units 

**Please note that ANTH 180, ANTH 184, ANTH 187, and ANTH 195 may fulfill a cultural anthropology, archaeology, or physical anthropology requirement with advisor approval.


Requirements for Graduation


University Requirements- 51 units (42 must be outside major) plus 2 units PE

53 Units

Requirements for the Major - 42 units

42 units


25 units

Total Units

120 units