Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor complements many different majors—indeed any career in which understanding human behavior is important. Social sciences majors often minor in anthropology but an anthropology  minor is especially relevant to business majors and pre-professional students (e.g. law, medicine, social work).  Many students, of course, minor in anthropology simply because they find that learning about the human species is interesting and enjoyable.

The minor requirements include six units of lower division courses selected from ANTH 11 Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 12 Human Evolution, and ANTH 13 Archaeology as well as twelve units of upper division electives. ANTH 180 or 195 can be applied to the minor if approved by the department chair.

Faculty advisors are available during regular office hours to help you select courses that will meet your interests and learning goals. You may also select any anthropology courses that meet the minor requirements, and thereby design your own plan of study. Below you can link to some recommended plans of study. If you have questions or would like more guidance, please come visit an advisor.

Remember that you must file an anthropology minor form along with your application to graduate and your major form early in the semester before you plan to graduate. Be sure to consult the schedule of classes for the deadlines each year. The anthropology minor form is obtained from the department office. It is completed by you, and must be typed or clearly printed. Any department advisor can review and approve it, and you then deliver it to Enrollment & Academic Services.

Course Requirements


Complete two courses from: ANTH 011, ANTH 012, ANTH 013


Four upper division anthropology electives (advisor consultation available)


Total Units: