Behavioral Sciences, BA

Behavioral Science

The Department of Anthropology administers the Behavioral Science Program, which is designed for students who want a multidisciplinary perspective on human behavior. Students take 12 units in anthropology, 12 units in psychology, and 12 units in sociology, plus 6 additional units as an emphasis and a capstone course. Students must complete a research methods requirement by taking ANTH 149, ANTH 165, PSYC 30, PSYC 120, or SOCI 104, and an appropriate statistics course.

The Behavioral Science major allows you to draw upon the resources of three departments that offer complementary perspectives on people, individually and in larger groups. You will enjoy significant freedom in choosing the mix of courses that help you to achieve your goals. Solving real-world problems increasingly requires mastery of multiple-perspectives and this major provides a great foundation.

Major GPA Requirements


The three Behavioral Science double majors have been terminated, although students who have already declared one of them may continue to complete major requirements. Advising materials are available at these links:

A Behavioral Science Major with a Double in Anthropology
A Behavioral Science Major with a Double in Psychology
A Behavioral Science Major with a Double in Sociology

Students may no longer declare any of the three double majors as a new major.


The Behavioral Science Program provides integrative skills and knowledge that prepare you for many careers and that provide a foundation for professional training.  It broadens and deepens our understanding of the human experience and is simultaneously practical.

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