Completing the Program


General university requirements for admission to candidacy for the MA degree include the satisfactory completion of the English Writing Competency Requirements are outlined in detail in the  Academic Regulations section of the San José State University catalog. After the completion of 18 units in the graduate program and the completion of a project or thesis proposal the students’ work will be evaluated by the department’s graduate committee. If the performance of the student is satisfactory and the student is considered to be a potentially competent and mature practitioner, he or she will be advanced to candidacy. Students who fail to meet the expected standards will be terminated from the program.

Course Requirements


Core Courses


ANTH 230, ANTH 231, ANTH 232, ANTH 233 and ANTH 234 (15); ANTH 235 (*) (3)

Anthropology Depth Requirement


Two 3-unit upper division anthropology courses approved by faculty advisors**

Fields of Application Requirement


Two 3-unit upper division SJSU courses approved by faculty advisors**

Thesis or Project Requirement


ANTH 280, ANTH 298 or ANTH 299

Total Units:


*Advisor approved elective may be substituted for ANTH 235

** SJSU Studies Courses or ANTH 191 or ANTH/PSYC/SOCI 193 may not be used for Anthropology Depth or Fields of Application Requirements