The Behavioral Science Sociology Double Major

This is a major for students who are planning for careers in law enforcement, social work, community service or immigrant services. The Behavioral Science Program is designed for students who wish to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on human behavior. Students may focus their studies on sociology to pursue a behavioral science / sociology double major. This major allows students to integrate courses from anthropology, psychology, and sociology to better understand human behavior. Three departments cooperatively offer the Behavioral Science Program—Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology—although the Department of Anthropology administers and provides the advising for the four behavioral science majors.

Skills Developed in this Degree

The behavioral science/sociology double major provides students with a flexible and broad foundational knowledge of human behavior. Students develop broad skills in collecting data, logically and consistently analyzing data, communicating clearly, and problem solving. The knowledge and skills behavioral science students learn help prepare them for a variety of jobs that require using social science data and working with other people.


Be sure to consult a departmental advisor to clarify your graduation requirements. This page is not an official university document and is provided for your convenience only.


Research Methods

Behavioral Science/Sociology Double Majors must take Soci104 (Quantitative Research Methods) (3 units).



Note:  This research methods class fulfills one course arearequirement for sociology.Soci101, Soci015 or Soci102, and upper division standing are prerequisites for Soci104.


Behavioral Science/Sociology Double Majors must take a statistics class in support of the major (3 units).

Stat095 | Soci015 | Soci102


Behavioral Science/Sociology Double Majors are required to take a set of four core sociology courses  (12 units).  In addition to the research methods course listed above, Soci104, you must take Soci001, Soci101, Soci105 and Soci 193. Six additional upper division sociology courses (18 units) complete the 31 units of sociology required for the double major.

|Soci001 | Soci101 | Soci103 | Soci105 | Soci102-Soci199H


Behavioral Science/Sociology Double Majors are required to take Anth011 (3 units) and an additional three upper division anthropology courses (9 units) for a total of 12 units in anthropology.

Anth011 | Anth102 to Anth 198

(Anth180, Anth184, Anth187, and Anth195 are special courses and may only be taken as appropriate and with the approval of your advisor.)


Behavioral Science/ Sociology Majors are required to take Psyc001 (3 units), one or two upper division psychology courses (3-6 units), and an additional upper or lower division psychology course (3 units) for a total of 12 units in psychology.

Note: A maximum of two lower division courses (6 units) may be taken to fulfill the psychology requirements.

Psyc001 | Psyc030-196H

Completing Your

In addition to the 58 units for the double major listed here, you must also complete 45 general education units, 2 physical education units and 16 more elective units (120 total units) to complete requirements for a BA degree.


Note: Of the 51 general education units required by the university, 6 may be satisfied by specific major and support requirements. Double counting of transfer units may also change the number of elective units needed. A maximum of 6 units of advanced GE can be taken within the major.Consult your major advisor for details.


Area Z of the  Genral Education requirements is a Writing course (e.g. Soci100W).  The Department of Sociology strongly recommends that students double majoring in behavioral science and Sociology take Soci100W to fulfill this requirement.  The 100W courses offered by the different departments are tailored to provide students with writing experiences in that particular discipline's writing style.

Anth100W | Psyc100W | Soci100W