New Graduate Students



   Gianina Bebb 



BA in Anthropology from SJSU

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken: English, Romanian

Interests: Cultural anthropology, reading, traveling, baking, cats, history, international politics, ballet.

Area of Expertise: Journalism



   Jeffrey Greger




BS in Industrial Design from SJSU, 2011

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken: English, German

Interests: Economic anthropology, international development, talking to strangers, drumming, a good story

Areas of Expertise: Financial inclusion, humanitarian design(ers)

Past Research: household finances, student debt, financial literacy, and inequality in Silicon Valley (with the FAIR Money research collective)

Chelsea Lynn Halliwell







BA Anthropology

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Cultural Anthropology, English Renaissance, gender studies, ceramics, creative writing, traveling, alternative medicine & traditional healing practices, innovative teaching methods, talking to people.

Areas of Expertise:  American neopaganism, business development and management.

Past Research: Celtic shamanism, play-based learning, worker-owned cooperatives 


Erika Harvey




BA in Anthropology from SJSU

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken:  English

Interests: traveling, being outside and active, photography, cooking, competitive swimming. 

Areas of Expertise: Archaeology and geology.




Jamieson Mockel




BA Anthropology from SJSU

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Conversing with friends, heavy metal, role-playing games, tattoos, world cuisine, graphic novels, comedy, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, horror films, and Norse mythology

Areas of Expertise: Cultural anthropology, humanities and pop culture


Past Research: Co-ops; neopaganism; and Silicon Valley residents


Sarah Luce







BA Sociology, Psychology Minor

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Hiking, SJ Sharks Hockey, Physical Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Documentaries, and Reading

Areas of Expertise: Project Administration

Past Research: Content Analysis: Tuned In: Portrayal of Gender {Characteristics and Emotionality in Television Entertainers}, 1954-2004


Johnny Luna

BA Sociocultural Anthropology, CSU Stanislaus

MA Applied Anthropology (expected) from SJSU

Interests: Consumerism, Bio-power, Tourism, Organizational Theory, Human-Centered Design, Ethnographic Writing, Visual Anthropology, Ethno-Photography, Community Development, Power-Knowledge.

Areas of Expertise: Cultural Economics, Knowledge Production, Consumer Behavioral Research.

Past Research: Community Development Within Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Organizations, Consumer Value Analysis At Secondhand Retailers, Ethnographic Film Documenting The Cultural Traditions Of A Hmong Family For The Purpose Of Archiving The Vast Cultural Diversities Of The Central Valley. 

Ari Pimentel

BA Sociology

MA Applied Anthropology (expected)

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French & Sign Language

Interests: Traveling around the world, hiking/camping in the wilderness, cooking, playing music, hosting at open mics & learning about different cultures.

Area of Expertise: Sociological projects/experiments, qualitative/quantitative research.

Past Research: Commuting within SJSU students, Elementary Schools and parents’ involvement within children.

Kelli Sullivan

BA Anthropology (Evolutionary Emphasis), UC Davis

MA Applied Anthropology (expected), SJSU

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Archaeology. Hiking, Camping, Gardening, Kayaking, Science, Education, Cooking, Baking, and Netflix.

Area of Expertise: Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology, California Archaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, and Faunal Analysis.

Past Research: Faunal Analysis and Dietary Reconstruction Using Stable Isotopes.