New Graduate Students

New Fall 2013 Graduate Students will be posted Soon!

Listed below are our new graduate students, please check back for updates and additions throughout the year. If you are a new graduate student and don't see your information here, let us know!

Armando Ayala

Interests: Surfing, electronic music, hiking, camping, reading, connecting with others, and meditation.

Area of Expertise: Quantitative data analyses, educational pathways for minority populations in the U.S., mindfulness and health, technology and culture.

Past Research: The relationship between traditional filial practices of Latino adolescents’ families and Latino adolescents’ college experiences in the U.S.

Amanda Feldman


Interests: Forensic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Bioarchaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Human Rights, Art, Travel, Literature, Cats

Area of Expertise: Forensic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology

Past Research: Biological effects on skeletal remains due to sexist policies and practices; Mayan cultural practices in Belize lowlands; Roman funerary practices in Sanisera, Spain

Elizabeth Fernandez


Interests: Archaeology. history, history of fashion, reading, writing for fun, tabletop gaming, musical theatre.

Area of Expertise: Historical archeology and California History

Past Research: Presented a paper in affiliation with California State Parks at the 2011 Society for California Archaeology during the Historical Archaeology session entitled The Commune Era of Olompali: Challenging our assumptions of the Hippie Lifestyle.

Miguel Garcia


Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Activism, Reading, Blogging, Sports, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop Music.

Area of Expertise: Militarism and Culture; Identity Politics; Anthropology of the State; Social Movements and Globalization.

Past Research: Senior Honors Thesis. 2013. The Militarization of the University Post9-11: Militarism, Intelligence Gathering, and Racial Politics.

Stephanie Monterrosastudent

Interests: I love all things nature and immersing myself in beautiful settings. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people along the way. I thrive when I can be helpful and hope to be able to use my abilities to make a positive change in the world. My hobbies include cooking, dancing, mountain biking, DIY projects, hiking, going to the beach, playing with animals and most of all enjoying the company of loved ones.  

Ida Wilson


Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Health Disparities, and Music.

Area of Expertise: Outreach

Past Research: Medical Narratives of Cancer Survivors in Riverside, CA..