New Graduate Students


Victor Cortes

BA Anthropology, San Francisco State University

MA Applied Anthropology

Language Spoken: English and Spanish

Interests: User Experience, Technology, Design Anthropology.

Area of Expertise: Cultural Anthropology.

Past Research: Visibility and Safety in San Francisco's Trans Community.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle


Briza Diaz

BA Anthropology/Spanish, SJSU
MA Applied Anthropology

Languages Spoken:
English and Spanish

Photography, Spanish Literature, Hiking, Gardening, and Crafting

Area of Expertise:
Qualitative research via written documents

Past Research: Economic Discourses & Enduring Cooperation in Post-Diaster Edcuador, AJ Faas

“What matters in life is not what happens to you butwhat you remember and how you remember it.” - Gabirel Garcia Marquez

Arianna Quinn Heathcote

BA Anthropology, SJSU
MA Applied Anthropology

Languages Spoken: English and some Russian

Interests: Smashing the patriarchy, historical archaeology, fire archaeology, industrial archaeology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, environmental anthropology, and petting dogs.

Area of Expertise: Gold-rush era archaeology, fire archaeology, central California coast archaeology, and great Basin archaeology.

Past Research: Ethnographic Study of Archaeological Field Schools presented at the 20147 SCA meeting, Fish Camp, CA

“If happiness is the goal-and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.” - Richard Branson

Alicia Heges

BA Anthropology, SJSU

MA Applied Anthropology

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Prehistoric and historic archaeology, cultural resource managment, anthropological archaeology, ancient/medieval history, cultural anthropology.

Area of Expertise: Archaeology, History.

Past Research: West Indies Legacy Project (2016). St. Kitts & Nevis. Japantown Prepared! (2016), SJSU., Bay Area Mortuary Project (2017, SJSU. 

E. Daniel Maldonado
BA Anthropology, SJSU

Language Spoken:
English and Spanish

Interests: Food: it's connection to culture and its adaptability, storytelling and folk tales, short stories and poetry, hiking and photography: images of humans depicting being human, subcultures and underground music, music and it's relationship to culture, the human mirgration experience: learning how new Americans come to call the U.S. home.

Past Research: Research Literature on Disaster Anthropology in Ecuador (2017), Japantown Prepared! (2016) SJSU

We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now. - Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Andrew Andrew Marley

BA Anthropology, College of Wooster

MA Applied Anthropology

Language Spoken: English

Interests: Soccer, trail running, hiking.

Area of Expertise: Business processes, Organizational silos, Corporate Culture, Employee egagement.

Past Research: N/A


Ruoheng Mao

BBA Accounting & Finance, Pace University, NY

MA Applied Anthropology

Languages Spoken: English & Chinese

Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Visual Anthropology, Issues of Gender, Class, and Race, Issues of Immigrants, Piano Playing, Hiking, Photopgraphy.

Area of Expertise:
Ethnographic Fieldwork, Qualitative Research, Artifacts Cataloguing, Identification, and Analysis, Financial Accounting and Income Taxation (CPA Exams Passed), Music Theory and Performance.

Past Research: Applied Anthropological Research on Foothill College Student Equity, Archaeological Research on Long Ridge- Peters Creek Site and Windy Hill Site: excavation, cataloguing, artifacts identification and analysis, Accounting Research on the Impact of Not Applying Section 404 (b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Non-accelerated Filers, Financial Foresecasting and Quantitative Analysis on Univariate Properties of Assest Prices.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

Laticia Marshall

BA Anthropology, Universtiy of California, Riverside

MA Applied Anthropolgy

Languages Spoken: English

Interests: Cultural anthropology, myths, feminist archaeology, history documentaries, comics, video games, and reading.

Area of Expertise: Examining myths to understand greater cultural changes, values, and fears within a society or culture.

Past Research: Examining anthropology within museum tourism and it effects on how those who are considered "other" (women, miniorites and the poor-classes) are viewed within the context of history.

- Comparing the myths of well-known Native American women to the reality of other native women throughout the 20th Century 

Megan Shaw

BA Anthropology, SJSU

Languages Spoken:

Interests: Travel, Reading, Hot Yoga, Naked and Afraid on Discovery.

Area of Expertise: International tourisam and local culture.

Past Research: Intership for International Real Estate Developer in Centeral America and reading various books on the topic of tourisam and local cultures. 

Andrea  Andrea Vinke

BA Anthropology, University of Western Ontario
B.Ed., University of Windsor

Languages Spoken:
English, some French and Spanish

Interests: Travel, Cultural Anthropology, User Experience Research, Archeology, and Education

Area of Expertise: Education and Cultural Anthropology.

Past Research: Technology use and the elderly, school culture and student outcomes. 

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reasons for existing. -Albert Einstein

Kanya Yoshihiro

BA Anthropology & Biological Anthropology, California State East Bay in Hayward, CA 

Languages Spoken:
English & French

Interests: History, ghost towns, world cultures, wine. 

Area of Expertise: California Bay Area archaeology.

Past Research: Ethnopgraphic research & excavation in Ballintubber, Ireland's 10th Century Castle. In California, field research of Big Basin logging camps, field studies of The Old Adobe in Sonoma, excavation of Mindego Hill, as well as excavation & experimental lab preservation of the Castroville Columnian mammoth. 

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time! - Monty Python