Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez

MA-Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, 2009
MA-History, University of Texas at Dallas, 2007


Office Hours:

 MW 2:45pm-3:45pm and by arrangement

Clark Hall 461

I am an archaeologist and historian specializing in the study of the American-Latin American  borderlands (the American Southwest and South Florida) between the nineteenth century and the present.  I work primarily in Northern New Mexico, excavating a Mexican-Period whiskey distillery destroyed by a coalition of Hispanics and Indians in 1847 during a rebellion against American occupation of the Southwest.  I carry out some related work in Northern California and South Florida,
including some archaeologies of the contemporary world.  All of my current field work is geared toward the development of an entirely new subfield of historical archaeology: that of Latins in the United States.  My broader interests include the historical and contemporary archaeology of the capitalist world and the new field dubbed by historians as "Big History."  I have been excavating sites for nine years now and have been teaching college students in both history and anthropology classrooms for nearly as long.  Please direct any question you may have for me to the email you see listed here.