Meghan Halley

Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, 2012


Office Hours:

M 4:00pm-6:00om


Clark Hall 463



Dr. Halley is a medical anthropologist and a visiting lecturer for the human sexuality course for the Spring 2014 semester. Dr. Halley's doctoral research examined the changing role of initiation rituals shaping adolescent sexuality in rural Tanzania. In addition to her international research, she also conducts qualitative health research on doctor-patient communication and patient experience as an Assistant Research Anthropologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute.



Ahmadu-Rites and Wrongs (PDF)
Bilefsky-Albanian Custom Fades (PDF)
Weill-Sort of a Boy (PDF)
Abraham- Teaching Good Sex (PDF)
Bernstein- Buying and Spelling the Girlfriend Experience (PDF)
Guttmacher- Facts on American Teens' (PDF)
Hirsch- Love Makes a Family (PDF)
Hitt- Pro-Life Nation  (PDF)
Inhorn- Art and Culture Change (PDF)
James- Fifty Shades of Grey (PDF)
Lorber- Believing is Seeing (PDF)
Middleton- A Panoramic View of Sexuality (PDF)
Nanda- The Hijras in Cross-Cultural Perspective (PDF)
Parikh- From Auntie to Disco (PDF)
Rosin- A Boy's Life (PDF)
Talbot- Rex Sex Blue Sex (PDF)
Tavernise- Broaching Birth Control (PDF)