Sandra Cate

Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 1999

Office Hours:


Clark Hall 463

Anthropologist and folklorist SANDRA CATE teaches a broad range of cultural anthropology classes, with specific interests in global processes, art in cultural context, religion and ritual, consumption and exchange, conflict, gender and sexuality, tourism, and concepts of heritage. Her current research examines the expressive culture of Southeast Asia in diverse forms: contemporary art, narrative festival scrolls, Buddhist temple murals, silk tourism, Mien/Yao clothing and foodways, and Bangkok traffic jams. 

Dr. Cate’s past publications include Making Merit, Making Art: A Thai Temple in Wimbledon and Converging Interests: Travelers, Traders, and Tourists in Southeast Asia. She is currently writing a book on the Prince Vessantara scrolls of Northeast Thailand and Laos. Her two book chapters on relational aesthetics are soon to appear in Everyday Life in Southeast Asia and Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology.