MA Project Report and Thesis Archive

Listed below are a graduate student works to help you gain an understanding of the format your project should have. Please remember that these projects are the actual work of our students and should only be looked at for format reference purposes.

MA Project Reports


MA Theses

Arjona, Andrea (2010) PDF   Avery, Christopher (2011) PDF
Butterfield,Adam (2012) PDF   Connors, Robin (2009) PDF
Cabrera, Greg ( 2008) PDF   D'Oro, Stella (2009) PDF
Cerda, Mayra (2011) PDF   Flores, Gustavo (2014) PDF
Conand, Nicole (2011) PDF   Johnston, Robert (2014) PDF
Corrales, Marina (2010) PDF   Keith, Chris (2014) PDF
Donohue, Jessica (2012) PDF   Lin, Kanhong (2012) PDF
Duenas, Sabrina (2012) PDF   Moellenberndt,Christine (2013) PDF
Gamboa, Jaqueline (2012) PDF   Noravian, Armineh (2008) PDF
Gallardo, Sarah Linn (2013) PDF   Van Vlack, Hannah (2014) PDF
Green, Emily (2014) PDF    
Grove, Bethany (2013) PDF    
Griffith, Jillian (2011) PDF    
Hart, Hannah (2013) PDF    
Heidebrecht, Candice (2010) PDF    
Keller, Kristin (2013) PDF    
Koskovich, Mary (2011)PDF    
Li, Jing (2013) PDF    
Luu, Loan (2012) PDF    
Martinez, Maribel (2012) PDF    
Minami, Chika (2014) PDF    
Mistely, Catherine (2013) PDF    
Mohr, David (2013) (PDF)    
Murphy, Alicia (2009) PDF    
Nero, Michelle (2010) PDF    
Newman, Anne (2014) PDF    
Nguyen, Josephine (2012) PDF    
Pratt, Mark (2012) PDF    
Potter, Vanessa (2010) PDF    
Presler, Andrea (2009) PDF    
Ramans, Mercedes (2014) PDF    
Salinas, Sara (2013) PDF    
Schlagheck, John (2011) PDF    
Snider, Kate (2012) PDF    
Starek, Jerry (2014) PDF    
Tombrink, Cheryl (2013) PDF    
Velazquez-Rivera, Auda (2011) PDF    
Vega, Jason (2012) PDF    

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