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Photography Graduate

Our Photography Graduate Program supports and encourages a wide range of traditional, conceptual and interdisciplinary approaches to lens related imaging. Philosophically, the program is committed to addressing the breadth of contemporary issues and practices while realistically preparing you for a career in the field. The faculty is comprised of artists/photographers with national and international careers whose work ranges from conceptual installation and new genres to traditional and commercial. There is no pervasive aesthetic trend at SJSU; the faculty has been carefully selected to offer a wide range of aesthetic and technical possibilities to the students. Our program welcomes and promotes diverse styles and viewpoints. We encourage students to produce thoughtful artwork that deals with meaningful issues, and our faculty is here to help you refine your direction and create your best work.

Teaching Opportunities

During the course of their studies in the program, qualified graduate students may apply for the opportunity to teach at the Teaching Associate level, which provides a generous stipend and tuition waiver. Students are offered considerable freedom between teaching, studio practice, academic classes and outside internships within which to design a program specific to their individual needs.

Application Process

The application process for our Graduate Program is a two-step procedure. The applicant first applies to the Department of Art and Art History around the beginning of the year. Visit Application and deadline for more information. No application fee is required at this step. Upon acceptance, the applicant will receive instructions on how to apply to the university, which then involves paying a fee. There is no application fee until after the applicant has been accepted to the program. If at all possible, you should make plans to visit our program prior to the application deadline. It is best not to plan your visit for a Friday or over a weekend, as we are not on campus then. Please contact us at least a few weeks prior to your visit so that we may arrange to spend some time with you while you’re here.