Here you will find copies of all currently available, downloadable forms used at the Department of Art and Art History. Please check with the main Art and Art History Office (ART 116) if an online form is out-of-date, incomplete, or if you need a form not listed here.

For all Art and Art History class greensheets, check here.

If using a Mac, please make sure you open the PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat, not Preview.

Major Advisor List and Guide [pdf]

Major Advisor List and Guide Spring 2015 (pdf)

Undergraduate Program Forms

BFA Art - Programs Admission Procedures and Application [pdf & doc]

BFA Programs Application (pdf)
BFA Programs Application (doc)

BA Art - Major Forms [pdf]

BA Art History and Visual Culture (pdf)
BA Preparation for Teaching (pdf)
BA Studio Practice (pdf)

BA Art - Roadmaps [pdf]

Coming soon!

BFA Art - Major Forms [pdf]

BFA Digital Media Art (pdf)
BFA Photography (pdf)
BFA Pictorial Art (pdf)
BFA Spatial Art (pdf)

BFA Art - Roadmaps [pdf]

Coming soon!

Minor Forms [pdf]

Minor Architectural Studies (pdf)
Minor Art Education (pdf)
Minor Art History and Visual Culture (pdf)
Minor Photography (pdf)
Minor Studio Art(pdf)

Graduate Program Forms


MA & MFA Art - Programs Admissions [pdf]

MA Art History Program Instructions and Procedures - Coming soon! 
MFA Art Programs Instructions and Procedures - Coming soon! 
MA/MFA Program Application & Academic Summary - Coming soon! 


MFA Art - Studio [PDF]

Graduate Studio Rules and Contract

MA & MFA Tutorial/Special Study/Culminating Experience Form

Tutorial Completion

Graduate Assistants (GA) [pdf]

Graduate Assistant (GA) Technical Position Application


Teaching Associates (TA) [pdf]

Teaching Associate Application

MFA Art - Advancement to Candidacy [pdf]

Review Week Instructions and Application
Gallery Identification Template

MFA Art - Thesis Guidelines [pdf]

MFA Thesis Guidelines Spring 2010