Unless otherwise indicated, all presentations will be held in Art #133 from 5 – 6 pm.

9/6 Photo of Sandow Birk

Sandow Birk: Political, Engaging, and Often Controversial

Los Angeles artist Sandow Birk creates elaborate and multi-faceted projects that draw from American culture and contemporary social issues. Birk will speak about his extensive career and life as a contemporary art in California and beyond

9/13 Simone Paterson

Simone Paterson: Creative Technologies and the Handmade

Dr. Simone Paterson serves as Chair of Undergraduate Studies at Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Arts.  Her work combines large-scale digital photographic prints and sculptural fabric forms, while incorporating interactive new media and digital video animations.

9/20  Vaily Melnichenko: Public Art in Russia and Germany

Vasily Melnichenko: Public Art in Russia and Germany

Russian artist Vasily Melnichenko will discuss the practices and strategies of contemporary artists working in Germany and Russia. His lecture will provide the framework for the evolution of the artist’s role in culture, and its effect on social relations

9/27 Lance Fung

Lance Fung: Beyond Plop Art

Internationally renowned curator Lance Fung will share his story of growing up in the South Bay and his migration to NYC.  He will also introduce a few of the exciting new public art exhibitions that Fung Collaboratives will be organizing here in the Bay Area
10/4 Yvette Granata

Yvette Granata: Crypto-Wilds - Heterononymous and Situational Media

Yvette Granata is a media artist, film designer, and a PhD Candidate at SUNY Buffalo in the Department of Media Study’s theory and practice program. Granata will explore new media concepts with an overview of her latest research and the non-philosophy project of Francois Laruelle
10/11 Lalitha Shankar: Shifting Spaces

Lalitha Shankar: Shifting Spaces

Lalitha Shankar will present a three-part lecture on contemporary art practices in India, her work as a sculptor, and how she became one of seven women of the 3rd Space Lab Artist Collective.
10/18 Gail Wight

Gail Wight: The Madness of My Method

Gail Wight will discuss the processes behind her works of art that often pantomime scientific laboratory practices and engage with living creatures to create mashups between traditional and new mediums.
10/25 Katherine Lambert

Katherine Lambert: No Place Like Utopia

Katherine Lambert will speak about the dominant streams in her, and focus on her current installation “This Future Has a Past” at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Lambert is a founding principal of Metropolitan Architectural Practice in San Francisco
11/1  William Kentridge: Universal Archive

William Kentridge: Universal Archive

In conjunction with the opening later this evening of the William Kentridge: Universal Archive exhibition in the Thompson Art Gallery, we will present special complementary programming to enhance the impact of the artist’s work.
11/8 Anthony Raynsford and Robin Lasser: From People’s Park to the Albany Bulb

Anthony Raynsford and Robin Lasser: From People’s Park to the Albany Bulb

Art historian and Professor Dr. Anthony Raynsford will co-present with Professor Robin Lasser on the interconnected themes from Lasser’s recent photographic project “Refuge in Refuse” and Raynsford’s historical work on People’s Park and counterculture urbanism in the 1960s
11/15  Renee Bott, Pam Paulson, and Paul Mullowney: Facilitate & Collaborate

Renee Bott, Pam Paulson, and Paul Mullowney: Facilitate & Collaborate

The Bay Area’s Paulson Bott Press specializes in limited edition intaglio prints, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Co-founders and master printers Renee Bott and Pam Paulson will join SJSU Professor Paul Mullowney in a printmaking panel discussion.
11/22   Thanksgiving Holiday – NO LECTURE
11/29  Emily Pilloton

Emily Pillotin: Design Revolution

Emily Pilloton is a designer, builder, educator, author, and founder of the nonprofit design agency Project H Design. She will lecture on the importance of social action and building, the design revolution, design for empowerment, and low-tech hands-on built solutions
12/6  Simon Sadler

Simon Sadler: The Bateson Building, Sacramento, and Design of a New Age State

Art historian Dr. Simon Sadler will focus on the Bateson Building, designed by Sim Van der Ryn, and elaborate on the origins of sustainability in the 1970s by recounting the ambition of the first Brown Administration to reinvent the Golden State