Unless otherwise indicated, all presentations will be held in Art #133 from 5 – 6 pm.

Ed Kirshner

March 10

Ed Kirshner: Plasma and Glass Sculpture

Glass artist Kirshner, of Aurora Sculpture, will introduce the concept of gas plasma,
the fourth state of matter, and its novel use in glass vessels to create illuminated
sculptures. He will show the basics of the creation of simple as well as more
complex glass vessels for gas plasma, and will also review the processes and
electronics involved. He will also demonstrate some small examples of glass forms
made of various glass types illuminated from within by dynamic, colorful,
mesmerizing, and interactive plasmas.

George Lawson

March 17

George Lawson: Thoughts About Comtemporary Painting 

San Francisco Gallerist Lawson will discuss the perennial function of painting in the contemporary context, the challenges of painting as a career and a lifelong discipline, and the changing relationship between artists and their representatives in the increasingly distributed global network.

March 24


March 31


may front final

April 7 - May 15, 2015

Ted Fullwood Imaginary Confidants

Fullwood, a San José-based alumnus of SJSU, works in a wide variety of media, exploring his personalized and very colorful visual vocabulary. In this evening’s presentation, Fullwood will discuss his work in ceramics, pipecleaners, and more, in conjunction with the opening of his exhibition in the Thompson Art Gallery later this evening. For more information, please see here.

Don Duc To

April 14 

Monica Martinez: Artist as Entrepreneur

Martinez’s art practice is influenced directly by formal aspects of vernacular Mexican food culture as well as the industrial architectures of silos, granaries, and temporary containers used in the warehousing and dispersal of surpluses. This evening she will discuss her work, which features direct experimentations with food economies, aesthetics, and entrepreneurship: intensive physical operations that require active social participation.

Judy Dater

April 21

Judy Dater: Only Human

For five decades Judy Dater has been working with the subjects of the portrait and the nude in photography. In this evening’s presentation, she will discuss her new book, Only Human, that highlights her work on this subject in black and white, from 1964 to 2014. She will set the work in context to some of her early childhood revelations and experiences with early mid-century American painting and film.

Chris Antemann

April 28

Chris Antemann: Forbidden Fruit – Behind The Scenes At Meissen

Take a behind-the-scenes look into the private world of the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, the oldest producers of porcelain in Europe. Antemann will describe the development of her unique limited edition artworks using traditional Meissen practices. She will also illustrate the collaborative and complex process of constructing new narratives from the rediscovered historical forms unearthed in their 300-year-old archive.