Unless otherwise indicated, all presentations will be held in Art #133 from 5 – 6 pm.

Tuesday Night Lectures Series

  1. September 1 Ann Simonson: In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition of 81 prints from Francisco Goya’s Desastres de la Guerra suite, Department of Art and Art History chair and professor Simonson will discuss the prints within the context of the times and in contrast to most of Goya’s other work until that time.
  2. September 8 Rod Cavozos: Alphatypoglypic!: Playful New Perspectives on the Alphabet., Type Designer Rod Cavozos provides a rare peek at some of the more exotic alphabetic concepts, constructs and curiosities he and his team have tinkered up in their San Francisco design office.
  3. September 15 Richard Whittaker is the co-founder, with Rue Harrison, of the non-profit “Society for the ReCogntition of Art” and founding editor [1998] of the magazine works & conversations. Whittaker has connections with art go back over forty years including photography, ceramics, painting and sculpture.
  4. September 22 Adam Shiverdecker is a ceramic sculptor and also the new Assistant Professor of Spatial Art at SJSU. Professor Dore Bowen will interview Adam on the conceptual drivers of his studio practice and the technical aspects of creating his work.
  5. September 29  Marina Johnston is a sculptor who explores the intersections between culture, social and biological sciences. Marnia will discuss the concepts behind her work, and describe the use of rabid prototyping tools in the creation of her ceramic robots.
  6. October 6 Jenny Odell mines imagery from online environments, most typically Google Maps, in an attempt to create candid portraits or to insist on the material nature of our modern network existence.
  7. October 13 Ann Palakunnathu Matthew: Photo Based artist Annu Palakunnathu Matthew will present her work Generations, which uses the medium of photography to challenge the distance between past and present and the separation between fact and fabricated history.
  8. October 20 Natalie Engels is a commercial interior designer in San Jose who works at Gensler. Gensler is an architecture and design firm located downtown San Jose.
  9. October 27 James Peterson’s passion is, creating sculptures that facilitates joy and contemplation. He will be addressing the process of designing immersive experiences that promote social interaction and the challenges that arise.
  10. November 3 Michael Dale Bernard is a contemporary jewelry artist and educator at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Salvaged materials, welded trellis forms, and colorful powder coated elements combine to create his bold pieces.
  11. November 10 Jared Lindsay Clark cultivates from Modernist and Minimalist tenants, by repurposing common objects to produce sculptures that address contemporary social issues and bring about ideas of renewal and reparation as well as recycling.
  12. November 17 David Peters and Jean-Benoit Levy: the installation “Now What” features 50 posters, each a response to the question: “Occupy: What’s Next?”. David Peters and Jean-Benoit Levy will describe their methodology.
  13. November 26 Thanksgiving: No Lecture
  14. December 1 SJSU MFA Alumni: A special lecture featuring SJSU MFA alumni who have forged innovative paths for themselves in a seemingly bleak job market.