Unless otherwise indicated, all presentations will be held in Art #133 from 5 – 6 pm.

Andy Paiko
September 2

Andy Paiko: Indefinite Sum

In conjunction with the opening of his exhibition later this evening, the artist will provide an overview of his work.

Drew Detweiler

September 9
Drew Detweiler: Designing Interaction for Public Art

Interdisciplinary artist Detweiler seeks new modes of engagement with technology that encourage social interaction in public spaces. His work at the intersection
of interactive video, performative technology, and experience design strives to creative unique embodied experiences that fill the gaps left by solitary interaction with new media through personal mobile devices.

Celia Stahr

September 16
Celia Stahr: Frida Kahlo in America – A Mexican Artist’s Cross-Cultural Journey

Frida Kahlo is famous for her broken body and the way she reassembled it in
her provocative self-portraits of the 1940s; however, her paintings of the early 1930s, created while she was living in the United States for three years, provide
the foundation for her mature style. This extended stay turned into a journey of self-discovery, giving birth to the mature Kahlo, who possessed a clear artistic vision. Dr. Stahr will explore the personal and creative impact that living in the
U.S. had on this 22-25-year-old Mexican communist.

Gail Levin

September 23
Gail Levin: Judy Chicago’s Journey from UCLA to “The Dinner Party”

Judy Chicago’s biographer will tell a California story, tracing how Judith Sylvia Cohen became the feminist artist, Judy Chicago, and, against the odds, entered
into art history textbooks. In this presentation, Dr. Levin will draw upon the many interviews that she conducted, especially those with Los Angeles artists, curators, and museum directors, and will also examine the complex political context out
of which Chicago’s work emerged.

Xiaoze Xie

September 30
Xiaoze Xie: Fragmentary Views

Xiaoze Xie’s recent work deals with the vulnerability and the fragmentary nature of historical memory, as well as our superficial perception of the world in the media age. He creates provocative paintings and installations based on a wide range of images culled from printed media and internet sources.

Tonningsen, Levine

October 7
Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine: Counterpoint – Collaborative Photography through Shared Multiple-Exposure

Tonningsen and Levine are two Bay Area photographers and educators interested in using multiple imagery to visually describe and characterize landscape, community, and public space. In tonight’s presentation they will review their process and unique work, discuss the nature of collaboration, and address their involvement with public art.

Neal Schwartz

October 14
Neal Schwartz: Onomatopoetic Space – I Make My Own Name

Some words take their shape directly from the expressiveness of the sounds they name: SPLAT! WHAM! POW! This lecture focuses on the recent work of Schwartz and Architecture and their continuing attempts to conflate the distance between spatial experience and design, in order to create a kind of onomatopoetic space.

Andrew Blanton

October 21
Theory + Practice: Andrew Blanton and Lordy Rodriguez with G. Craig Hobbs

What are the latest trends in contemporary art and design, and in what ways do these areas intersect? The ongoing series Theory + Practice is a platform to discuss issues of interest to those involved in today’s complex and shifting cultural arena, featuring a changing panel of faculty who discuss and debate the practical and theoretical ramifications of their work. This evening, our two new professors
Andrew Blanton and Lordy Rodriguez, involved in the new arts entrepreneurship initiative, will discuss their work within the context of the field, moderated by Assistant Professor Hobbs.

Julia Haft-Candell

October 28
Julia Haft-Candell: Contradictions

Ceramist sculptor Haft-Candell will discuss the evolution of her work over the last eight years, sharing how her surroundings influence her practice, and arguing that her artwork embraces a concept of contradiction.