Ceramics Kiln Yard


IS 124, 160, 165, and 166

The entirely revamped and expansive 10,000 square foot ceramic facility includes three spacious classrooms for instruction in sculpture, wheel throwing, and figure modeling. Our wet/dry glaze lab has full particle ventilation, and connects by rollup doors to an outdoor enclosed kiln yard. 

We have 11 gas kilns ranging in size from 10 c/ft - 50 c/ft (including fully-programmable Bailey shuttle kiln, car kiln, raku, and soda kilns) as well as 11 electric kilns (test, oval, round, and front loading). An additional 5,000 square foot outdoor courtyard provides space for a variety of projects, events, and experiments, and a separate plaster mold-making and slipcasting room is equipped with a mold library and Slip-O-Matic mixer. Additional equipment includes a new Potterbot ceramic 3D printer, a full-color digital Ricoh decal printer with a designated workstation, 450 lb. clay mixer, sandblaster, spray booth, extruders (including pneumatic), and slab roller. 24-hour studio access is available for enrolled students.