A.S. Board

The Board of Directors is the official body representing and the voice of over 35,000 students at SJSU - they champion for students and actively work to make sure every Spartan gets the most out of their college experience. The board governs under the A.S. Bylaws that are written and edited under the A.S. Committee of Internal Affairs. To view the Articles of Incorporation [PDF] download here.

Visit the A.S. Government Suite on the second floor of the Diaz Compean Student Union in Suite 2300. For questions contact us at (408) 924-6240 or as-info@sjsu.edu

Picture of Branden Parent

Branden Parent



Photo of Zachary Birrer Zachary Birrer
Vice President


Photo of Jyotsna Kethepalli Jyotsna Kethepalli



Photo of Anoop Kaur

Anoop Kaur
Director of Academic Affairs


Photo of Flor Sario Flor Sario
Director of Business Affairs 


Photo of Katrina Festejo Katrina Festejo
Director of Co-Curricular Affairs


Photo of Kira Nguyen Kira Nguyen
Director of Community and Outreach


Photo of Mira Mustafa Mira Mustafa
Director of Intercultural Affairs


Photo of Kenya Gallo Kenya Gallo
Director of Internal Affairs


Photo of Zobeida Delgadillo Zobeida Delgadillo
Director of Legislative Affairs


Photo of Jeanne Trang Jeanne Trang
Director of Student Resource Affairs


Photo of Jose Roque Jose Roque
Director of Students Rights & Responsibilities


Photo of Daniella Carrera Daniella Carrera
Director of Sustainability



Board Agendas

FALL 2019 SPRING 2020
June 4 January 22
August 28 February 12
September 11 February 26
September 25 March 11
October 9 March 25
October 23 April 8
November 13 April 22
December May 


Board Minutes

FALL 2019 SPRING 2020
June 4 January 22
August 28 February 12
September 11 February 26
September 25 March 11
October 9 March 25
October 23 April 8
November 13  April 22
December  May 


Board Reports

FALL 2019 SPRING 2020
August 28 January 22
Spetember 11 February 12
Spetember 25 February 26
October 9 March 11
October 23 March 25
November 13 April 8
December  April 22