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TS helps alleviate automobile traffic to SJSU and reduce impact on the University’s parking facilities. Transportation Solutions is dedicated to serve the commute needs of the students and employees of SJSU. Its region-wide operation emphasizes alternatives to driving alone. 

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For years solo driving to campus was the primarycommute mode for the majority of San Jose State University (SJSU) commuters. As a result, increased traffic congestion and demand on limited parking facilities began to impact commuters accessibility to campus. To help alleviate this problem the Transit Access Program (TAP), an initiative implemented by Associated Students (AS), was voted on and passed by the student body in a student referendum. This program allowed AS to negotiate a contract with Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to offer SJSU’s first university transit pass. With this pass, students’ received unlimited rides on VTA’ buses and light rail services. The success of the program demonstrated the need to expand equitable alternative commuting options to the campus.   

AS envisioned a campus that would adopt the use of sustainable transportation to campus. In Fall 2000, the Transportation Solutions (TS) Department was created. The sole mission of this department was to help the campus population with its commute needs and to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce the high demand for limited parking. Over the years TS has expanded its programs and services to offer secure bike enclosures, discounted regional transit passes, carpool matching, discounted memberships for car and bike sharing, as well as trip planning. TS continues to evolve and seek innovative transportation solutions that support SJSU’s sustainability efforts and provide equitable access to the SJSU community. Over the last 19 years, Transportation Solutions has made incredible strides in sustainable transportation use: 

Reduction in Solo-Drivingcampus sustainability month

Transportation Solutions has been able to reduce solo-driving from 59.8% to 39.4%. By reducing the drive-alone rate, TS has made it easier for everyone to commute to SJSU and as well as dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of SJSU. 

Increased Usage of Public Transit 

VTA ridership at SJSU has grown from 10.2% in 2001 to 30% today. This means that close to 10,000 students are riding VTA every day. This has reduced emissions and improved traffic and parking for students who drive to campus. 

Increased Usage of Bicycles

AS Transportation Solution provides secure bike enclosures for students who bike to campus. Bike ridership has gone up from 1.3% in 2001 to 2.1% in 2018. This means that almost 700 students are biking to campus which is one of the most sustainable forms of transportation.

By providing SJSU students with alternative forms of transportation, we have helped thousands of students reduce their carbon footprint and have made our campus more sustainable.

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