Hanging Temple, Shanxi, China with CSU students

Hanging Temple, Shanxi Province, China with CSU students

View of Hanging Temple, Shanxi Province, China

A substantial number of professors, librarians, and others at SJSU teach courses, perform services, or conduct research in areas requiring a certain level of Asian Studies expertise. Many were raised in Asia or have overseas experience. Their expertise contributes to teaching, service, and research in a wide variety of disciplines, as the following list indicates. In this list, all surnames are given last, even for those in whose native language this would not be the case.

  • Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Management (India)
  • Karin Brown, Philosophy (Asia)
  • Gong Chen, Kinesiology (China)
  • Balance Chow, English & Comparative Literature (China)
  • Peter Chua, Sociology (Southeast Asia)
  • Howard Combs, Marketing (Southeast Asia)
  • Michael Conniff, Global Studies Institute
  • Noam Cook, Philosophy (Japan)
  • Hien Duc Do, Social Sciences (Vietnam)
  • Jan English-Lueck, Anthropology (China)
  • Ge Gao, Communications Studies (China)
  • Kyung Mo Han, Kinesiology (Korea)
  • Cobie Harris, Political Science (East Asia)
  • Thom Huebner, Linguistics and Language Development (Japan, Thailand)
  • Seiichiro Inaba, World Languages and Literatures (Japan)
  • William Y. Jiang, Organization & Management (China)
  • Christian Jochim, Comparative Religious Studies (China, Taiwan)
  • Hahn Koo, Linguistic and Language Development (Korea)
  • Revathi Krishnaswami, English and Comparative Literature (Asia)
  • Shishir Mathur, Urban and Regional Planning (India)
  • Toby Matoush, King Library (Japan)
  • Ken Montojo, Political Science (Southeast Asia)
  • Bo Mou, Philosophy (China)
  • Manjari Ohala, Linguistics and Language Development
  • Sak Onkvisit, Marketing (Southeast Asia)
  • Taeho Park, Organization and Management (Korea)
  • Chanh Cong Phan, Comparative Religious Studies (Vietnam, East Asia)
  • Shantanu Phukan, Comparative Religious Studies (South Asia)
  • Xiaohong Quan, Organization & Management (China)
  • Mahesh N. Rajan, Marketing (Asia)
  • E. Bruce Reynolds, History (East and Southeast Asia)
  • Jennifer Rycenga, Comparative Religious Studies (India)
  • Karthika Sasikumar, Political Science (India)
  • Diana Stover, Journalism & Mass Communications (China)
  • Anand Vaidya, Philosophy (India)
  • Yasue Yanai (Kodama), World Languages & Literature (Japan)
  • Yao Yao, World Languages and Literatures (China)
  • Tsu-Hong Yen, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Management (China & Taiwan)
  • Jing Zhang, Marketing (China)