"The Peer Advisors have been through the SJSU system. They have a first hand expereince in navigating this campus."

Survival at SJSU requires more than academic skills: It requires motivation as well as a commitment to learning. Our advising staff provides support in clarifying goals and finding solutions to personal concerns. We work cooperatively with other campus services to help students obtain information about requirements, course selection, financial aid, career planning, and other resources. Our advising services also include:

  • Major/Career exploration
  • Scheduling classes
  • Student advocacy
  • Scholarship Search
  • Assistance with resume writing
  • Support in finding solutions to personal concerns and academic problems for all ASPIRE students
  • Making appropriate referrals to other SJSU resources
  • One-on-one sessions with an advisor; 1 hour appointments; three times per semester or as needed for all ASPIRE students.
  • Information on campus resources, policies and procedures for all ASPIRE students.

Peer Advising

The ASPIRE Peer Advising component is among the most significant pieces of the program. Peer Advisors are service minded, upper division and graduate students who play a key role in assisting ASPIRE participants become acclimated to the campus and the demands of the collegiate life. The Peer Advisors assist through one-on-one and group meetings with their advisees. They are an important on-campus resource for ASPIRE students and work as vital members of the program counseling team.