"The Peer Advisors have been through the SJSU system. They have a first hand expereince in navigating this campus."

Survival at SJSU requires more than academic skills: It requires motivation as well as a commitment to learning. Our advising staff provides support in clarifying goals and finding solutions to personal concerns. We work cooperatively with other campus services to help students obtain information about requirements, course selection, financial aid, career planning, and other resources. Our advising services also include:

  • Major/Career exploration
  • Scheduling classes
  • Student advocacy
  • Scholarship Search
  • Assistance with resume writing
  • Support in finding solutions to personal concerns and academic problems for all ASPIRE students
  • Making appropriate referrals to other SJSU resources
  • One-on-one sessions with an advisor; 1 hour appointments; three times per semester or as needed for all ASPIRE students.
  • Information on campus resources, policies and procedures for all ASPIRE students.

Peer Advising

The ASPIRE Peer Advising component is among the most significant pieces of the program. Peer Advisors are service minded, upper division and graduate students who play a key role in assisting ASPIRE participants become acclimated to the campus and the demands of the collegiate life. The Peer Advisors assist through one-on-one and group meetings with their advisees. They are an important on-campus resource for ASPIRE students and work as vital members of the program counseling team.


Meet our Advisors!


Bibiana Arriola


Born and raised in San Francisco, Bibiana grew up to attend UC Berkeley to study English and Art History with dreams of being a teacher. She worked for several years at a non-profit youth development group in the Mission District that primarily served at risk ESL youth. This is where Bibiana discovered her love and dedication to education and helping students do their best, in and out the classroom. Bibiana currently is a graduate student at SJSU studying counselor education so that she may continue to better serve the communities she came from.


Karima Karim

 Karima Karim


Meet Karima Karim, she is a first year graduate student in the Counselor Education program at San Jose State University. Karima’s college journey began at Ohlone Community College, which is also where she received a never ending amount of support and guidance from her EOPS counselors. Their support inspired Karima to want to help other students achieve their own academic success. From Ohlone, Karima went on to transfer to Cal State University East Bay, and received her undergraduate degree in Sociology. Karima’s goal here at SJSU is to obtain her Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling, and to work in higher education, to be able to support other college students. 

In her free time, Karima enjoys baking, going for walks, and spending time with her family and friends. Surprising to most people, Karima enjoys attending MMA events and actually proposed a research project on “The MMA Fighters Experience” during her time as an undergrad student. Karima always enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and being exposed to new experiences and opportunities. 



Valerie Lamb

Valerie Lamb

Valerie is a first generation college student. She recently graduated in June 2015 from California State University, East Bay with my BA in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. Currently, she is in the Counseling Education Graduate Program at San Jose State University studying to become an academic counselor in order to help students achieve their educational goals. Aside from her education, she has a handsome, funny and artistic 5 year old son named Dylan. Since her schedule is very busy, time management is one of the keys to her success since she is juggling work, school, and being a mom. Now that you know a little bit about her, she is very excited to get to know you as well. She is thrilled to be a part of the ASPIRE program and to be a part of your educational success at San Jose State. 


Diana Castro



Diana Castro is a native from San Mateo. Where she studied at College of San Mateo and actively participated in EOPS as a student Peer Mentor, who graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies and Social Science. As a first generation Latina, Diana has worked part time while attending college as a full time student to support her family financially, giving her a strong understanding of how to balance the rigors of school and personal life. From CSM to Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU), Diana has successfully graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Since then, she has stayed connected in her community actively working in the education field and currently attending graduate school to obtain a Master’s Degree in  Education with a concentration in Counseling and Student Personnel.