First Year Experience


  • Social & Cultural Activities
  • Career Planning & Major Exploration
  • Academic Advising/Education Action Plan
  • Computer Technology Training
  • Study Skills & Writing Development
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Student Advocacy
  • Peer Group Support

FYE 2010

"Don't miss this program if you want to be ahead of the class!"

"The Freshman Experience provides the key for academic success."

What is The First Year Experience?

The First Year Experience program begins with you, the star of our program! We are currently seeking interested first year students to create a fun and exciting community designed to increase your personal and educational power. You will have the opportunity to create a learning community that will be your home away from home. SJSU will become your university when you connect with other first year students, professors, tutors, and advisors in a supportive environment.

2017 FYE will held on be July 18-21th
Application Deadline:  June 9, 2017


Want to get connected?

  • Social & Cultural Activities (Attend plays, movies, festivals, music events, dances, art festivals, and more.)
  • Field Trips
  • Support Group to help you adjust to SJSU and learn about campus resources
  • Introduce you to campus and community involvement
  • Block Scheduling (Register in two or more classes with your new or old friends.)
  • Graduation and Awards Ceremony
  • Spring Barbecue
  • Holiday Party


Feeling Lost And Confused?

  • Academic Survival Skills (Peer advisors give you all the inside tips on how to make it at SJSU)
  • Assistance with selecting classes and General Education advising
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Student Advocacy (We can help in resolving a problem with a teacher, staff, or friend)


Interested in Exploring Majors & Careers?

  • We can connect you with faculty mentors in your field of study
  • Get an assessment of your academic skills, educational goals, and career plans
  • Help you prepare a personal educational plan to develop help you reach your goals
  • Schedule frequent meetings with your advisor
  • Provide help with finding courses/professors based of peer feedback.


Need Some Money?

  • On-line scholarship search
  • Financial Aid information
  • Possible grant aid for Pell Eligible students


Want Some Free Tutoring?