Innovative Teaching

professor alan soldofsky teaching

Comparing Different Media

Poetry Professor Alan Soldofsky engages students in critical analysis of poetry and how to write in different verse forms.

John Clapp using a SMART Board to teach 3-D animation in the Incubator Classroom

Digitally Sequenced Learning

Utilizing a SMART Board digital white board, Professor John Clapp completely reinvented how he teaches 3-D Animation and Illustration.

Industrial Design students video conference with a French Design firm

Conferencing with Remote Experts

Industrial Design students consult with a French design firm by taking advantage of the Incubator Classroom’s videoconferencing tools.

Capturing analog data using the document camera speeds up brainstorming in the Incubator Classroom

Digital Brainstorming and Collaboration

  • Efficiency of student and instructor time
  • Group collaboration and capture of visual and written brainstorming ideas




professor alan soldofsky teaching

Annotating Digital Media on Screen