ASC Services

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is a student-centered learning hub that houses critical learning components all in one location. To learn more about any of these components of the ASC, click on the name of the service or download our brochure (pdf) 

Services Available

The Stage (CL102)

The Stage is part of the Academic Technology Computer Center. It is a high technology learning and collaboration center providing students and faculty a variety of new learning environments to interact in. The space is easily identified by its raised floor construction and modern technology "pods," technology hubs designed for individual and collaborative work. A variety of tools to support differences in individual and group learning styles exist including:

  • Three collaboration booths with monitors to enable the group to view output
  • Six digital editing stations with the latest digital editing software and video input and output conversion devices
  • Three pods, each with ten computer work stations with a variety of software and hardware solutions, designed for individual or group work
  • Two adaptive stations for students, one CCTV Magnification station at the enhanced level and two at the standard level
  • One station used for taking online quizzes and tests using Lockdown Browser


Incubator Classroom (CL111)

The Incubator Classroom and Conference Rooms are designed to foster the integration of new teaching and learning ideas with the help of technology. The fifty seat Incubator Classroom's technologies include:

  • Dual "Smart" interactive white boards
  • High resolution projection system
  • High resolution document camera
  • WebEx collaboration conferencing
  • Dell Windows laptops
  • Apple MacBook Pro laptops
  • Wireless presentation from student laptops
  • Windows and Macintosh workstations at podium
  • Movable furniture for variety of classroom configurations
  • Software applications for collaboration and/or discipline-specific activities

For more information about the Incubator Classroom and the technologies, please see the Incubator Classroom Resources page.


Incubator Conference Room (CL116)

A state-of-the-art Incubator Conference Room is available for faculty and students to practice and complete presentations as they would in a corporate board room. The room can accommodate up to 16 people with several technologies including:

  • High resolution projection system
  • High resolution document camera
  • Video conferencing system
  • Audio conferencing system
  • Two laptop inputs on the conference table
  • DVD & VHS Players

To reserve this space, please contact the Academic Technology Computer Center at (408) 924-4116


Academic Technology Computer Center (CL102)

The Academic Technology Computer Center (ATCC) provides front line IT support to SJSU faculty, staff and students.  As the first point of contact for information and support on campus, the Academic Technology Computer Center staff continues its campus-wide concierge services, and is also available to assist students and faculty using new state-of-the art technology on the Stage.


 Fishbowl Meeting Rooms (CL100f, CL100g, CL100h)

Three new Fishbowl Meeting Rooms, two equipped with LCD projection, are available on a first-come first-serve system for student meetings, small group collaboration or displays. "Ownable" collaboration spaces allow varying degrees of interaction or privacy throughout the day.

To reserve this space, please send an e-mail to:


Student Academic Success Services (CL105)

SJSU's Student Academic Success Services (SAAS) are composed of a variety of classroom experiences, programs, and services designed to help students make a successful transition from high school to college. For more details about the SAAS program, please visit the Student Academic Success Services website.


Peer Connections (CL102)

The Peer Connections Program was designed to help ease the transition to SJSU by empowering students to help each other and themselves. Peer Connections Mentors are among the best, brightest, and most diverse SJSU students. For more information, please visit our Peer Connections website.


Writing Center

Several other key services are available in the ASC to assist students. These "outposts" are extensions of the main offices and are available during normal business hours. They include the Writing Center and the Educational Opportunity Program.

The San José State University Writing Center is a unit of Student Academic Success Services (SASS). They offer a variety of resources to help students become better writers, from one-on-one tutoring sessions to our many writing workshops. All of our services are free for SJSU students.


The Educational Opportunity Program (CL102)

EOP is designed to improve student academic support of first-generation, low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. The program provides admission, academic, and financial assistance to EOP-eligible undergraduate students considered California residents or AB540 students.



For more information about the Academic Success Center or to arrange a tour, please call (408) 924-4116 or e-mail us at and we would be happy to help.