Archived Webcasting/Streaming Classes - Nutrition and Food Science

Fall 2012


Nufs 008, Nutrition for the Health Professions (Flash video)
Freiberg; Mondays & Wednesdays; 9:00-10:15 am

Nufs 110A, Medical Nutrition Therapy (Flash video)
Sucher; Mondays & Wednesdays; 12:00-1:40 pm

Special Sessions:


Dietetic Internship Orientation (Flash Video)
December 14, 2012; Presenter: K. Sucher

Dietetic Internship Information and Application (Flash Video)
December 7, 2012; Presenter: K. Sucher

Dietetic Internship "Things to Do" (Flash Video)
May 16, 2012; Presenter: Renee Ryan

Dietetic Internship Information (Flash Video)
May 4, 2012; Presenter: Renee Ryan

Nufs 219, MS Orientation/Nutritional Science  (Flash Video)
Speakers: K. Sucher, L. McProud, A. Norrish