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Phil 160, Philosophy of Science

Intoduction: What is Science?

Lecture 2: "Logical Empiricism"

Lecture 3: "Induction and Confirmation"

Lecture 4: "Challenges in Theory Testing"

Lecture 5: "Popper and Falsification"

Lecture 6: "Kuhn: Paradigms and Normal Sciences"

Lecture 7: "Kuhn: Crisis and Revolution"

Lecture 8 : "Kuhn: Observations and Progress"

Lecture 9: "Alternatives to Kuhn"

Lecture 10: "Sociology of Science"

Lecture 11: "Feminist Critique of Science"

Lecture 12: "Naturalism"

Lecture 13: "Realism and Anti-Realism"

Lecture 14: "Explanation"