ATS Enhanced Classrooms

Quick Tip:

If your computer does not display in a enhanced classroom after you have turned on the projector, restart your computer

There are currently 58 classrooms that are designated as Enhanced Classrooms. These rooms are maintained by Academic Technology Support (ATS). These Video Projector equipped classrooms allow you to display the output of your laptop computer or connect another video device to the projector. These rooms do not include a DVD/VHS player. 

All enhanced classrooms have a basic wall mounted switching and volume control panel called a Pixie.

If you need assistance in learning how to operate a Enhanced Classroom, call us at (408) 924-2867 or visit us at IRC 112. In room training is by appointment only.

If you are experiencing a problem with a Enhanced Classroom please dial (408) 924-2867 from the room at the time the problem occurs.

If you need to be scheduled into a Enhanced Classroom for your class then please contact Academic Scheduling.

Please click on the Classroom Instructions link for each room you are teaching in to get the appropriate instructions. The room instructions are .pdf files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view them.

Boccardo Business Center 105 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 120 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 121 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 122 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 123 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 124 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 125 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 126 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 128 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 130 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 203 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 205 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 221 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 223 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Boccardo Business Center 225 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Central Classroom Building 101 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Clark Hall 316 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Clark Hall 318 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 160 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 162 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 164 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 165 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 166 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 208 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 226A Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 226B Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 231 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 347 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 348 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 354 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 355 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 356 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 358 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Dudley Moorhead 359 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Duncan Hall 243 Connection to projector is VGA only using remote control
Duncan Hall 415 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Duncan Hall 515 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Engineering 303 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Engineering 327 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Health Building 407 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Hugh Gillis Hall 116 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Hugh Gillis Hall 120 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Hugh Gillis Hall 122 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Hugh Gillis Hall 217 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Industrial Studies 215 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
MacQuarrie Hall 224 Connection to projector is VGA only using remote control
MacQuarrie Hall 235 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
MacQuarrie Hall 322 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
MacQuarrie Hall 323 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
MacQuarrie Hall 423 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
MacQuarrie Hall 424 Connection to projector is VGA only using remote control
Old Science 253 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 238 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 241 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 312 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 346 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 413 Classroom Instructions (pdf)
Sweeney Hall 414 Classroom Instructions (pdf)