Transitioning to Desire2Learn

San Jose State University is transitioning to a new learning management system. The current system, Blackboard, will be replaced with Desire2Learn (D2L) by June 2010. We understand that there are many questions surrounding the move to Desire2Learn so we wanted to provide you additional information about the transition.

What is the timeline for the Blackboard to Desire2Learn transition?

eCampus had initially planned for a Spring 2010 roll-out of Desire2Learn, but we have heard the concerns of many faculty members about the compacted time frame which they would have to learn and implement their courses using a new system. Thus, Blackboard will remain SJSU's learning management system through Winter 2009 and Spring 2010. The delay of the Desire2Learn transition from Spring to Summer 2010 will hopefully give everyone sufficient time to learn Desire2Learn and create powerful online courses by Summer.

SJSU's contract with Blackboard expires June 30, 2010. Therefore, all online courses (designated as PW, WW, or M) offered in Summer 2010 and all sessions thereafter, will be in Desire2Learn.

How do I prepare for this transition? What training is available?

eCampus is developing a comprehensive training program for faculty and students to learn and effectively use this new system. We are currently offering introductory, in-person training sessions on using Desire2Learn. Visit for information on dates, location, and registration. We encourage all instructional faculty to participate in these upcoming training sessions.

Also, eCampus can develop focused training sessions for a particular College or Department. We recently completed two sessions with the College of Humanities and Arts on “Best Practices for Online Teaching” and “Getting Started with Desire2Learn”. If your College or Department is interested in offering focused sessions for your faculty, please contact Ruth Huard ( to set it up.

When can I start using Desire2Learn? Do I have to wait until next year when eCampus rolls it out?

You can start using Desire2Learn today, and we encourage you to do so. Faculty who have taught a class (online or live) in the past year, have a Desire2Learn account. eCampus has created 2 practice course shells for you to explore and develop. Go to for further information about accessing your practice courses in Desire2Learn.

I really wanted to teach my Spring courses in Desire2Learn. Do I have that option?

We appreciate the enthusiasm of faculty who want to move forward with learning and developing courses in this new learning management system. This semester (Fall 2009), we have 4 instructors (6 courses) participating in a pilot program to test and develop their courses in Desire2Learn. The feedback and collaboration of these faculty members are invaluable. We will have a similar pilot program (supporting about 10-20 faculty members) for Spring 2010. Please contact Ruth Huard ( for further details about participating in the pilot.

At eCampus, we understand that implementing and learning new technologies, no matter what they may be, can be difficult. Adding furlough and work load issues, which affect everyone on campus, creates an even greater challenge. We would like to reassure the SJSU community that eCampus, in collaboration with UCAT and the CMS groups, are thoughtfully putting the infrastructure and processes in place to ensure a successful transition to Desire2Learn. If you have any concerns regarding the transition, please do not hesitate to contact us.