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Need a quick D2L question answered? Want to try something new? Gradebook need some attention? eCampus is standing by to help you with your D2L needs and questions. Please contact one of our Instructional Designers: Mark Adams 408.924.2618 or Jennifer Redd 408.924.2734.


D2L Faculty Training Offered by eCampus

The mission of eCampus is to advance the effective use of current and emerging technologies to cultivate excellence in teaching and to foster significant student learning.  eCampus envisions and promotes a pervasive learning environment where opportunities for acquiring and accessing knowledge as well as participating in a community of scholarship are ever present.

eCampus supports the use of a learning management system (LMS) for teaching and learning online. SJSU uses Desire2Learn as its LMS.

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For Faculty

For Students 

D2L Faculty Workshop Schedule
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SP'12 eCampus Faculty Showcase

Thank you to all those who attended yet another successful eCampus Faculty Showcase! For those of you who were not able to make it, you can download the handout we provided at the event. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this event.