Work at Home Rights

The Campus Agreement contains Work at Home Rights (WAH) for all covered software. The WAH program allows faculty, staff and auxiliary units to install one copy of the covered software on their personally-owned home computers on which the faculty or staff member is the primary user.

How to Obtain Software

To get a copy of any software covered by the Microsoft Campus agreements for home use on your personal computer, you will need to purchase the media from the SJSU Bookstore.

These WAH media are not the same install media as those used by SJSU employees to install on campus-owned computers. These media may not be duplicated and they come with their own installation key code that is registered with Microsoft during installation.

Limitation of use of university owned software media

It is not allowed, under the agreement we have Microsoft, for university employees to provide, or use, university supplied install disks and/or activation codes to install software on computers that are not owned by SJSU or its auxiliaries.