SPSS Software

SPSS Software Distribution

All faculty, staff and/or currently enrolled students are covered by the university's site license with SPSS.

Desktop Support Teams

The ITS Service Desk can provide access to SPSS install media to staff members of university desktop support teams.

Then, the department desktop support team can burn multiple copies of this and provide it for free, if they wish, to qualified users of this software including faculty, staff and students.

Other SJSU Faculty and Staff Employees

This Academic Technology Computer Center does not provide free copies of SPSS to end users, this is the role of your desktop support team.


The ITS Service Desk, located on the first floor of Clark Hall in room 102, has kiosk computers where you can download the installer files onto a portable drive or upload them onto your SJSU Google Drive free of cost.

This media comes with an install code that is renewed once a year. People requesting installer files and/or media will be asked to provide evidence of their affiliation with the university. Minimally this is a photo ID and an SJSU ID card number. We use this to verify a client's university affiliation. The best ID to bring is your SJSU ID card. The media can be copied and/or shared by clients with others, as long as it is shared only with people who are faculty, staff and/or currently enrolled students of SJSU.

If you have questions please call (408) 924-1530.

We are sorry; we only distribute, not support, SPSS software.