Media Facilities


Digital Video Editing Rooms

Rooms are equipped with a Mac G5 with Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and iMovie. These rooms may be reserved by faculty and students for digital video editing for three hours per day. Reservations are recommended. Walk-ins are accommodated on a space-available basis.

Video and Audio Cassette Duplication

Faculty and students may copy non-copyrighted videotapes and DVDs. Reservations are recommended for video duplication. Other available formats for copying in Editing Rooms are:


.Mini DV to DVD

.DVD duplication

Video and Film Viewing Facilities

Media Services provides facilities for viewing DVDs and VHS tapes. There are four stations available in Media Services for viewing non-circulating videos. Non-circulating videotapes also may be scheduled for in-class viewing through Video Services at extension 4-2867. Inquire at the Media Services Counter to view a closed captioned video.