Commencement is, for most students, a once-in-a-lifetime event.  It gives your family and friends a chance to recognize you and share in your success, and it will bookmark the event for your entire life in your memory.  Participate in your own commencement activities as much as you can, for yourself, but also for those who share in your excitement and pride.

There are three separate commencement events, and each has its own character and excitement.

The Department event is the most intimate, and will give you a chance to be recognized individually, to gather and mingle for perhaps a last time as a class, with your classmates and faculty, and to set the friendships and associations you have developed for continuation into your professional lives after college.  We hope every single student who graduates in the previous summer, the following Fall or this Spring will attend and participate in this ceremony. 

The College event is much larger, not as intimate, but includes the class photograph and also will have you individually recognized. We hope that most or all of you will attend this event. 

The University event is much larger still, in the stadium, has a lot of "pomp and circumstance", balloons, excitement, and fun, and we hope that all of you will attend this as well.  Each of these is described below.

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