Welcome Message from the Department Chair

Guna Selvaduray, Ph.D.The Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department is home to three dynamic engineering programs that have synergistic interactions with one another. Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have developed strong ties and long-standing collaborations with the wide variety of high tech industries that surround us. These include the spectrum from mature companies that are household names enjoying world-wide recognition startups that are at the brink of the next revolution in technology.  While most of our students stay in Silicon Valley upon graduation and contribute actively to the dynamic growth in the Bay Area, a significant portion of our students have enjoyed successful careers around the country and elsewhere.

Currently, our department has 9 faculty members with a wide range of research interests from advanced materials for semiconductors to orthopedic applications to 3D printing; microfluidics for energy generation to diagnostics to microphysiological models; nanotechnology for drug delivery and molecular electronics as well as traditional areas such as bioprocess engineering and process design. Our faculty continue to be successful in attracting funding from both the public and private sectors, actively publish in prestigious scientific journals, and have received awards from national and international societies for their contributions to the profession. In addition, some of our classes benefit immensely from industrial experts with sui generis experience.

The reputation of our educational programs as providing a unique practical approach built on a strong academic foundation continues to attract students.  Student enrollment in our BS and MS programs has nearly doubled over the last four years, with a current total student population of more than 900.Many of our students are engaged in academic research with faculty in their research labs or work on projects with industries in various capacities. Our students belong to vast network of alumni who hold leadership positions in academia, industry, healthcare, and government.

I personally invite you to visit our website to learn more about our dynamic student community, undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty research and accomplishments, and stay tuned to news and events. I also welcome you to become a part of this community either as a student, as an alumnus interested in reconnecting or giving back, or as a sponsor of faculty research and student activities.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our faculty if you would like more information or to schedule a visit.

Guna Selvaduray, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
Department of Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering